FIFA 18 Coins Farming Guide — Three Ways To Effectively Farm For FIFA Ultimate Team Coins

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It’s one thing to earn FIFA 18 coins, but farming for them could often be a completely different story altogether. For those who are not familiar with the term, farming is the process of earning a ton of currency (or experience points) by repeating certain actions or replaying levels; this can oftentimes be referred to as “grinding.” So while we’ve already given you some tips on how to earn more FIFA Ultimate Team coins, we might as well talk about the farming aspect of things. How can you grind for FUT coins, and what are the easiest ways to go about this process? Read on, as we’ll enumerate the three best farming techniques in EA Sports’ latest iteration in the FIFA series.

Complete More Challenges, Including Team Of The Week

When it comes to FIFA 18 coins farming, you want to complete the Team of the Week Challenge. The coin rewards you can win through this challenge may vary, but the constant here is that you will be competing against a team composed of some of the best players in the European leagues. If you defeat a tougher lineup, you’ll win more coins, but the key here is picking your challenges, as you wouldn’t want to waste your time playing a TotW where the difficulty level is too much for your team to handle.

Think the TotW challenge is too much work for you? There are other challenges which you can complete for effective FIFA 18 coins farming. These challenges have different conditions that you need to meet, and many of them can be achieved by naturally playing the game. But you should also remember that these are limited-time challenges; if you’re planning to take them on, make sure you do so as soon as possible because if you complete them, that could be a good way to earn more coins and effectively farm for them.

Play In Story Mode

Story modes might not be the most exciting parts of games that have multiplayer features. But if you’re a FIFA 18 player in need of coins, and ways to farm for them easily, you definitely want to check Story Mode out. The Journey: Hunter Returns allows you to go through the exploits of Alex Hunter, and as the official FIFA 18 website explains, Alex is back for a second season, after his sensational rookie year in the English Premier League. This season will come with some challenges, but Hunter will have several top teams competing for his services, and as far as you, the player, are concerned, you can potentially win new packs, new players, and more importantly, a ton of coins.

Buying And Selling Players — It Works For Farming Too!

As we explained in our similar, yet a more extensive guide for earning more coins, market trading is a good technique for FIFA 18 coins farming. The first thing you need to do is to look for a player that’s highly in-demand; once you’ve found a player or two (or maybe three), you can then determine his average price. Check for the lowest “Buy Now” price, add a couple hundred coins, and use that figure when making a bid. It’s as easy as that, but there are a few things to take into account when playing the market.

First of all, don’t start playing the market trading scene with overly high expectations. You’ll essentially be wasting your time if you’re trying to get a couple thousands of coins worth of profit. Keep your target profits to about 200 coins or so per card, and remember that EA charges in-game taxes; even a hundred coins would make for a solid profit, all things considered. As a bonus tip, remember that the player market can be fickle; one player’s value may rise and fall like stocks do in the stock market, and that may affect your chances of turning a profit at any given time.

You may be wondering how a few hundred coins can be considered a solid profit; the goal of FIFA 18 coins farming, after all, is to do something repeatedly to earn more currency. But that’s the thing — farming is about repeating stuff, and if you sell several cards and earn a couple hundred coins in the process, that could add up. Be patient, and keep repeating the process until you earn the coins that you need; you don’t actually need to play any actual matches, and you’ll still be adding to your FIFA Ultimate Team coin totals!

Got any more tips for FIFA 18 coins farming? We’d love to hear from you, so share us your tips in the comments section below.

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