Earn more OSRS Gold with High Alchemy

The practice of High Alchemy can earn you a decent profit, but how do you use it?

Earn OSRS gold with OSRS High Alchemy

Old School Runescape has many ways for you to earn OSRS Gold. One such way is the practice of High Alchemy, which is a spell you can use to convert certain OSRS items into coins. There are a number of different items that can be used for High Alchemy, which we will be discussing in this article. But first of all, lets take a look at what High Alchemy is all about.

What is High Alchemy?

Often abbreviated to High Alch, High Alchemy as stated earlier converts items using spells, but it also does so at the best price that you could get from a specialty store within Old School Runescape. Typically, you can expect to gain around 60% of the shop price when using this method.

If you are a mid to high level player, then you will find that this is a common way to train Magic when you reach this part of the game. You will be essentially buying new items then casting spells on them to make a profit. If you manage to come across a valuable OSRS item, then you will be prompted with a message asking if you are sure that you want to cast the spell on it. This will only occur if the OSRS item is worth more than 30,000 coins, though you can adjust this number if you wish by right-clicking on alchemy in your spell book, should you want to alter the threshold.

Where to Sell

As you know, there are several vendors throughout OSRS, some of which could potentially offer you a higher price for certain OSRS items that you have used High Alchemy on. In some cases, it can depend on what items are in stock for that vendor. So, you could head to Grum’s Gold Exchange for example, and sell him a Gold Necklace for a higher profit than usual, providing there is none in stock there. This amount decreases as you sell them, though you could also world switch then find another store that is low on stock.

There are also general stores that will buy these OSRS items for higher prices. You could head to the Karamja General Store which buys at 40% item value, though it rises to 60% if you head there with a pair of Karamja Gloves equipped. Meanwhile, the West Ardougne General Store will buy at 55% of the value. There is also the Bandit Camp and Rogues’ Den (the latter will require you to have level 50 in both Agility and Thieving) which will buy items at 60% of item value.

Best Items to High Alch

The three components that go into the process of using High Alch for profit is based on the cost to make the item, the amount it sells for, and the amount you can make per hour. There are a few OSRS items that you should consider using for High Alch too. One of which is the Dragon Scimitar, which when used for High Alch can earn 60,000 OSRS coins. You can also make a profit on the likes of the Rune Halberd, which buys at 38K and can be sold for 38.4K. On the subject of Runes, the Rune Med buys at 11220GP and Alchs for 11520GP. Then you have the Teleport to House item, which costs 309 Gold to make, and you can sell them for 517 Gold, with 28K being sold in the Grand Exchange per hour.

There are many ways for you to earn OSRS Gold throughout Old School Runescape. That being said, the High Alchemy isn’t necessarily better than all other ways of making profit. It may not prove to make as much Gold per hour in comparison to alternative practices, but it is a neat way to level up your Magic when you have reached a later stage of the game, and allows you to earn a profit whilst doing so, which is only going to benefit you down the line. With that in mind, getting into High Alchemy is definitely beneficial.

Have you practiced High Alchemy in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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