Top 5 Best FFXIV Classes

Top 5 Best FFXIV Classes

The Final Fantasy XIV is one of the famous MMORPGs on the current market, allowing players to collaborate with a large, vibrant world adorned with many common icons from the FFXIV series. FFXIV has a range of battle functions that the player can play. Even better, one player can play all the functions available in the game battle, rather than having to choose only one of them. Considering an MMORPG, a minority of players still playing FFXIV may prefer the single-player mode, sometimes, or maybe all the time. FFXIV Mount provides a wonderful opportunity for artists to show their skills Invisibles. Since the game offers a lot of amazing exclusive content for players to deepen, I come to mind a question: what are the best features to overcome the unique content.

Before reaching the best beginner classes in FFXIV, this is how the class system/works. Although your first option is among the eight “Basic Classes” That you’ll see on the character introduction screen, you need to understand that these are only the starting classes. Once they reach level 30, classes can ascend to their respective jobs. If you select Gladiator as your base class for Final Fantasy 14, the Paladin can switch to work after reaching level 30.

Speaking of options, you should understand that your first choice of category class and occupation is not always an option. After touching level 10, you can change your base class. It also means that you will start a path to a different job. Don’t worry about the value. Your progress in the recent last chapter is automatically saved, so you can go back and continue leveling the last chapter whenever you want.

Explanation of Roles in FFXIV

FFXIV has three major roles: Tank, DPS, and Healer. Each role has its specialties as well as a different set of skills to suit its formation. However, the player can take on the role of each class individually and is not limited to a particular class.

Tank: Protect your group, and the boss will need to focus primarily on duties.

Marauder, Gladiator, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker.

DPS: It focuses on producing damage and identifies locations and groups that cause the most damage. DPS is divided into three categories.

  1. Melee DPS: Samurai, Rogue, Lancer (Dragoon), Pugilist
  2. Physical DPS: Archer, Dancer, Machinist,
  3. Magical Ranged DPS: Arcanist, Thaumaturge, Red Mage, Blue Mage (Limited Job).

Healer: Use restorative magic and support to help their group and themselves.

Arcanist (Scholar), Conjurer, Astrologian

FFXIV 5 Best Classes

Picking a starting class in FFXIV can be tricky when you have no idea what you will do, but it is important to note that you can change it at any point in the game by assuming the assigned task. Here are the best classes of FFXIV

Lancer (Dragoon)

If you are curious about fast-paced combat with high mobility, the base class I recommend is the Lancer (Dragon). Lancer / Dragoon requires locations and combos to deal perfect maximum damage just like other melee DPS, but this role has a greater protective advantage with plate armor, as well as its speed and jumping attacks that it can weave between powerful melee attacks. Body. It is also one of the best DPS for eliminating mobs in a dungeon with extended AOE combos, making it the best Final Fantasy 14 class for anyone eager to harm.


Out of the two kinds of tanks classes for beginners, Gladiator / Paladin is good for an amateur player, specifically if you are uncharacteristic with the role. The class is very Capable of bending easily and offers help for beginners as management skills damage and many skills mitigation and protection, and you can protect and heal himself and members of his group in the heat of battle.

Conjurer (White Mage)

The white mage magnificence is the least stressed selected class. You would probably discover it a good deal less difficult to level up because the abilities you unlock and develop onward will become the most effective magician’s position extra easygoing for yourself. The White Mage arrives with individual and group-level healing, damage boosters, as well as powerful attacking techniques that are just as important as finishing tasks as saving your party alive. White Mage is a good spot to begin.

Arcanist (Summoner)

The Arcanist is the only essential to concentrate two jobs at arriving the level 30, Scholar or Summoner. That indicates that after arriving at this level with your character, both jobs will be automatically opened for you to pick from, and you will be able to level up simultaneously, no matter which one you pick. Arcanist spells also introduce early-learned enhancements, amazing features for supporting other players with their duties.

Dark Knight

When you get to Heavensward, Dark Knights are the guardians of justice who are enabled to hold and embody the dark in conflict. The Dark Knight’s mission is to write all the game’s functions, allowing a particular journey competent with the main story. The Dark Knight has the finest tank mitigation strategies and can present numerous global cooldown capabilities together along with his major capabilities.

Red Mage

Red Mage is one of the most varied jobs, as speakers can cause devastating damage to enemies. However, they also have the most strong healing spell compared to other DPS functions. They have a variation of powerful individual spells and AoE spells, making them capable of dealing with mobs and powerful bosses. Red Mages has a very simplified turn compared to other casters, which makes it easier to play.

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