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Shadow Fight 3 on PC: Maximizing Combat for Victory

Just like Shadow Fight 3, there are lots of fighting games that have arisen in the past years. These games can be played on laptops and PCs. However, there’s not a lot of them available. With that, Shadow Fight 3 makes a bold case for becoming that go-to fighting game. Especially when there’s a shortage of choices for a quick game.

To move on through the levels in Shadow Fight 3, you need to have the right gear. You also need to master your character’s combat style – and more. Grinding your daily missions and amassing stronger gear is only part of the battle. At the end of the day, all that grinding and gearing up is in preparation for a stronger opponent. They may block your way in Duel mode or through the Quest line. Sometimes, your preparation might fall short.

There’s no easy path towards victory in Shadow Fight 3. You just have to be that good. But that being said, here are some tips that will hopefully help a lot in you getting that win. However easy or elusive it may be.

The Best Offense in Shadow Fight 3 is Defense

There’s a saying in sports – particularly basketball – that the best offense is a good defense. In a combat game like Shadow Fight 3, the wise will focus first on strengthening their defense. Button mashers are a pain to deal with. But if your defense holds, one mistake could cost them the match and turn the tide into your favor.

You must train yourself to have the nature of a defender first rather than a berserker. For this, you’ll need good gear. After all, that will defend you from incurring more damage from your opponent.

Switch Out Your Gear Regularly

Unpredictability, it’s what good fighters often have, and it’s also true in Shadow Fight 3. But true unpredictability lies in not showing any weaknesses to your opponents. This is possible through regularly changing or strengthening your gear sets.

Gears play a big part in helping your defense hold. In the game, you’ll gain a lot of these gear through special chests you win through battles. It’s easy and addicting to just keep using the same old gear during fights. However, the wise fighter will often bamboozle his opponent by changing tactics – and gears.

Faithful Practice Makes Perfection Faithful

You might be unpredictable and have the best gear. But if you keep missing your mark during fights, it won’t help one bit. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to training tips and find time to keep practicing using your favorite character. Mastering their weapons, skills, and abilities also helps. It’s like using a weapon or gear during a fight. The better fighter will always be the one who knows how to use his tools like it’s an extension of his body.

Know Your Shadow Fight 3 Combos & Specials

Part of practicing is knowing which combos and specials to string together. This will maximize your damage against especially strong foes and opponents. The AI in Shadow Fight 3 is no pushover also. The longer you take to finish it off in battle, the better it becomes in anticipating your moves. Because of this, it can win against you again and again.

That’s why you need to learn your moves and combos, so that you can keep the AI on its digital toes. For instance, there are weapons designed to give you a specific edge during battle. It happens through the use of special moves. You can also use weapons to push your opponents away. This will buy you some time to string together some combinations or moves.

Save Your Shadow for Special Times

Timing your attacks is important, just as using your shadow moves at the right time. In this game, the ‘Shadow’ refers to the energy you use to fuel your special moves and powerful attacks. Once the energy bar for your Shadow move is full, you can use the Shadow button to unleash more powerful attacks.

You can also choose to fuel your basic attacks with Shadow energy to make them further stronger. That’s why it’s important to hold off on using your Shadow energy. It’s hard to get a full bar of Shadow energy, so much so that if you use it at the wrong time, you might find your battles become harder.

Shadow Fight 3 through

It’s worth noting that makes it easier for you to download SF3 on PC. Shadow Fight 3 benefits from the game client being on PC – there are easier controls to use. Also, you’ll find yourself having a generally easier time in fights.

Mastering your moves and using your creativity when using combos will go a long way in winning over your opponents. However, remember that practice is king – and so are the tips we presented here.

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Jonathan J Kingston is a video game enthusiast, gamer, and a veteran video game news writer for He spends his free time hunting for free game sites and testing their reliability. 

Cuddle Up with Pop Culture! Toynk Releases New Fleece Blankets

Cuddle Up with Pop Culture! Toynk Releases New Fleece Blankets

As the days begin to shorten, do you find yourself reaching for a throw blanket in the evening? Keep the cold at bay with a fleece blanket from your favorite fandom. Choose from over 35 designs including pop-culture favorites Dragon Ball Z, Golden Girls, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, and more.

These licensed blankets will keep you warm and your house ‘cool’ with a fun pop of color that can easily be added to any room. Full collection of Just Funky fleece blankets available at

Officially licensed, these soft fleece throw blankets are crafted from 100% polyester and are designed to be the ultimate addition to any collection.

All products are officially licensed. All items will be available for purchase at


Founded in 2001, Toynk aims to deliver an ever-expanding array of home goods, apparel, pins, and collectibles featuring your favorite geeky licenses. Our team comes together each day, working hard to improve our customers’ experience. It’s not considered work when we know that our products bring adventure, joy, and happiness to life!

Top 5 League of Legends Champions To Play in the Current Meta

After a long time of waiting, patch 10.17 for League of Legends is finally here, and we are more than ready to play our favorite champions for this particular meta! As always, LoL’s developers and experts are taking into account the trending usage statistics for every player around the world to come up with amazing updates on each champion.

Every champion’s rating is categorized as Good (B-Tier), Great (A-Tier), and Optimal (S-Tier). For this article, we are going to look into the best-rated champions for this meta, focusing on their characteristics and the slight adjustments you will have to make to get used to them again. Within every match, you will feel as if you are playing League of Counters because of your competitors, so make sure that you will get acquainted with the new meta to avoid dilly-dallying around!

Shen (Top)

Shen League of Legends Champions

Shen is literally a nightmare when it comes to the top lane, which is probably why he’s in the S-Tier for this meta. Functioning whether as an assassin or a tank, you can dominate the game while you are using this champion, even when it is still early in the match. Shen is usually set up as an aggressive summoner and spell user, and for his additional skills, you can use Ignite to threaten your enemies more with your combos.

Master Yi (Jungle)

Master Yi (Jungle) League of Legends Champions

Master Yi is one of the most popularly known jungle champions in this game. Even though he’s only in the A-Tier, Yi is quite a monster once you get him to lock down his required items. Make sure to play it safe when you are using this champion because even though he’s a killing machine, he’s only very effective in the late game. Once he’s all set up, Master Yi may even be a hardcore carrying machine compared to other junglers in LoL.

Akali (Mid)

Akali (Mid)League of Legends Champions

If you are more of a solo player and you prefer taking the middle lane, then Akali is one of the best champions you could pick for this meta. Ranking on A-Tier, Akali maintained her powerful buffs from the previous updates, making her more of eye-candy for LoL professionals. Stay wary though, because if you are not accustomed to using this champion, you will only embarrass yourself on the battlefield. She’s kind of hard to control, so make sure that you will have a fair amount of practice first.

 Jhin (Bot)

Jhin (Bot) League of Legends Champions

Jhin surely proved his powers by being in the S-Tier for this patch. His range improved, which means he would be a monster down the bottom lane, bullying other ADCs with his powerful basic attacks. As a matter of fact, Jhin can now go one-on-one with Ashe and Caitlyn, and his critical-enhanced build will only make things worse for his enemies.

Lux (Support)

Lux (Support) League of Legends Champions

Finally, for everyone’s favorite support, we have Lux gunning down from the A-Tier list! Even though she was nerfed after the seemingly overpowered bugs during patch 10.16, Lux is known to have always been powerful support. She does well when she is paired up with powerful fighters and ADCs, and since one of them is Jhin (who has been boosted in this meta), these two will surely make a hell of a combo in the field.


With each new meta that passes, our champions have always been quite powerful along with their respected allies. If you want to keep up with the 10.17 patch, make sure that you will take advantage of these top 5 champions! They will make your battles much easier, and you will find yourself on the top ranks sooner than you expected because of them.

DISCLAIMER:  This article is a guest post submitted by Amanda Braun

World of Warcraft – How You Can Obtain the Pricey Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Mount

World of Warcraft – How You Can Obtain the Pricey Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Mount

The heftily priced WoW mount in WoW may set you back a lot of coins, but there are ways of grinding towards affording it.

The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, should you desire to own one, is going to set you back a fair amount of your WoW Classic Gold. In fact, it just so happens to be the most costly WoW mount that’s available in the entirety of World of Warcraft. If you do want to get your hands on this WoW mount, then its either going to cost you a LOT of money or you’re going to need to put some work in.


The Cost of WoW Mounts

Typically, you can get the amount for the game from the store for $25. For the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur however, you are going to need a significant amount more. When it first released, the value of the WoW mount stood at about $475. For $20, you can purchase WoW tokens, which can buy game time and be sold in the auction house in exchange for in-game gold. Back then, if you had no gold, you would have needed 24 tokens to buy the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur.

Fast-forward to more recent times, and the tokens are worth around 140,000 gold. Seeing as the tokens set you back $20 of real money, it would cost you over $700 for this World of Warcraft Mount. Its also going to be harder to obtain, with it being moved to the black market, making it rarer and more expensive than it was before.

So needless to say, if you want to get this WoW mount, it’s going to take a lot of effort on your behalf, since its more than likely that you aren’t going to want to part with an absurd amount of your real-life cash. Thankfully there are ways for you to make a decent profit to be able to eventually afford one.

What Method Should I Use to Get the WoW Mount?

A good way of gold making to go towards your World of Warcraft Mount is to buy and sell materials for profit. The reason being is that this is a task that you are able to do whilst you’re AFK. It may not be the most glamourous way of doing things, and it is probably one of the more time-consuming methods that are out there, but nevertheless, it is going to fetch you enough gold in the long run.

You could also use more than one character to earn gold. If you use several maxed-out characters to do this then you can make a fair amount of gold to go towards your rather hefty goal. This method, using an Alt Army, can be a long, long process. Having to level several characters is naturally going to take you a long while. So as with the previous method, its time consuming, but in the end, it’s worth it to have something to go towards your goal.

You could also head down to the auction house to see what WoW Classic items are in high demand. By making these World of Warcraft items to sell there, you can make an insane amount of gold. This method will be unavailable when the next expansion, Shadowlands arrives, so be sure to make the most of this whilst you have the opportunity to do so.

Yes, the sheer amount needed in order to purchase the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur is borderline absurd for many. The very fact that the comparison to real-world money from the amount of WoW Gold that you are going to need ventures up into costing you way into the high hundreds if you want to buy it outright with no tokens already in place can be very daunting. It isn’t impossible for you to do however, it will ultimately take a lot of dedication and some smart tactics for you to make sure you can get enough in a reasonable time. Regardless of what method you choose, it is going to take time, but imagine the feeling when you are finally riding around on the back of your very own WoW Mighty Caravan Brutosaur? The envy of many players, for sure.

Have you managed to obtain the WoW Mighty Caravan Brutosaur? Let us know in the comments section below!

How to play GameCube Games on Your Computer by Using Dolphin

How to play GameCube Games on Your Computer by Using Dolphin

The GameCube was the fourth video game console designed by Nintendo. As a compact rectangular block having a length of 6 inches, a width of 6, and a height of about 4.3 inches, it was similar to its predecessor, the Nintendo 64. The GameCube, however, came in multiple colors and had a total of 658 games released during its run. For its time, GameCube’s aesthetics and hardware were pretty impressive.

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is an emulator specially designed for two Nintendo video game consoles, the Wii and the GameCube. It lets gamers play classic titles from these two Nintendo consoles on their computers in full HD resolution. On top of that, there are multiple enhancements like turbo speed, compatibility with PC controllers, networked multiplayer, and even more. It’s an open-source emulator.

 Why choose Dolphin over Wii? 

Dolphin is beneficial over the Wii in various ways: 

  • GameCube games that had a video quality of 480p and were stuck up at a ratio of 3:4 could be played in full screen or 4k using Dolphin. Gamers can even let games run at 60 frames per second.
  • All games can be loaded extremely fast when Dolphin is used. Even you can do it using regular Wii but it’s still an advantage is you use Dolphin is instead.
  • Gamers can use Wii remotes when playing using Dolphin along with other gamepads like one controller, Xbox 360, etc. If you want to use a GameCube controller, you can simply buy a USB adapter.
  • Dolphin is Mac OS and Windows compatible.
  • Dolphin provides excellent customer support and releases updates which include bug fixes.

How to play GameCube games using Dolphin?

Now that you have got a clear idea about Dolphin and why should you choose it over Wii, follow these steps to enjoy playing GameCube on your PC using Dolphin:

Step 1

Visit the official Dolphin emulator website and download it from there. Though this emulator can be downloaded from various platforms, we recommend getting it straight from the official source.

Step 2

Now that you have downloaded it, run the executable, and install Dolphin on your device.

Step 3

Create a folder in your device where you are going to save all your GameCube games. You can even choose to create a shortcut of the emulator on the screen. That’s optional though.

Step 4

Now, we have to configure the GameCube controls:

  • Click on GCPad on the toolbar.
  • If you want to change a key, click on a button and type in that button which you want the previous one to replace with on your emulator.
  • Next, type in the name of the configuration and click on save.
  • When you have done the changes, click on ok.

Step 5

  • For pointing the emulator to your GameCube ISOsfolder, 
  • Click on” file” in the drop-down menu on the screen.
  • Click on browse for ISOs.
  • Browse through your ISO directory and click on any one of them and press ok.
  • Once done, double click on any GameCube game using Dolphin.

The game will start playing or you can also click on the play button in the toolbar to start. If you take the second option, the system will open a separate window. After you have finished playing, click on the “stop” button on the original screen.

A Few Helpful Hints

Use shift+ [F1 – F8] to save. For loading, press any key between F1-F8. You can use these options only while playing the game. However, you need to remember that much like other emulators, you aren’t going to have a perfect emulation experience.


Disclaimer: This article is a guest post written by Amanda Braun

Earn more OSRS Gold with High Alchemy

The practice of High Alchemy can earn you a decent profit, but how do you use it?

Earn OSRS gold with OSRS High Alchemy

Old School Runescape has many ways for you to earn OSRS Gold. One such way is the practice of High Alchemy, which is a spell you can use to convert certain OSRS items into coins. There are a number of different items that can be used for High Alchemy, which we will be discussing in this article. But first of all, lets take a look at what High Alchemy is all about.

What is High Alchemy?

Often abbreviated to High Alch, High Alchemy as stated earlier converts items using spells, but it also does so at the best price that you could get from a specialty store within Old School Runescape. Typically, you can expect to gain around 60% of the shop price when using this method.

If you are a mid to high level player, then you will find that this is a common way to train Magic when you reach this part of the game. You will be essentially buying new items then casting spells on them to make a profit. If you manage to come across a valuable OSRS item, then you will be prompted with a message asking if you are sure that you want to cast the spell on it. This will only occur if the OSRS item is worth more than 30,000 coins, though you can adjust this number if you wish by right-clicking on alchemy in your spell book, should you want to alter the threshold.

Where to Sell

As you know, there are several vendors throughout OSRS, some of which could potentially offer you a higher price for certain OSRS items that you have used High Alchemy on. In some cases, it can depend on what items are in stock for that vendor. So, you could head to Grum’s Gold Exchange for example, and sell him a Gold Necklace for a higher profit than usual, providing there is none in stock there. This amount decreases as you sell them, though you could also world switch then find another store that is low on stock.

There are also general stores that will buy these OSRS items for higher prices. You could head to the Karamja General Store which buys at 40% item value, though it rises to 60% if you head there with a pair of Karamja Gloves equipped. Meanwhile, the West Ardougne General Store will buy at 55% of the value. There is also the Bandit Camp and Rogues’ Den (the latter will require you to have level 50 in both Agility and Thieving) which will buy items at 60% of item value.

Best Items to High Alch

The three components that go into the process of using High Alch for profit is based on the cost to make the item, the amount it sells for, and the amount you can make per hour. There are a few OSRS items that you should consider using for High Alch too. One of which is the Dragon Scimitar, which when used for High Alch can earn 60,000 OSRS coins. You can also make a profit on the likes of the Rune Halberd, which buys at 38K and can be sold for 38.4K. On the subject of Runes, the Rune Med buys at 11220GP and Alchs for 11520GP. Then you have the Teleport to House item, which costs 309 Gold to make, and you can sell them for 517 Gold, with 28K being sold in the Grand Exchange per hour.

There are many ways for you to earn OSRS Gold throughout Old School Runescape. That being said, the High Alchemy isn’t necessarily better than all other ways of making profit. It may not prove to make as much Gold per hour in comparison to alternative practices, but it is a neat way to level up your Magic when you have reached a later stage of the game, and allows you to earn a profit whilst doing so, which is only going to benefit you down the line. With that in mind, getting into High Alchemy is definitely beneficial.

Have you practiced High Alchemy in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

OSRS – Nightmare Unique Loot Drop Guide

OSRS – Nightmare Unique Loot Drop Guide

The Nightmare of Ashihama has some great unique loot drops, including an armor set and two formidable weapons.

Whilst out questing for OSRS Gold and glory, you may have come across the Nightmare of Ashihama. Often abbreviated to The Nightmare, this formidable creature found in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, and can drop a series of eye-catching pieces of loot. Before we take a look at what this loot is, you will need to make sure that you have gotten to a point where you can access Morytania. Apart from that, there are no extra requirements needed to fight The Nightmare.

As far as what The Nightmare is, the enemy described as a “large, otherworldly horror” that takes the life force from those who are asleep, which drained until there is no more. This is also said to be the cause of terrifying nightmares, making the name a particularly good fit. Yet, if you do decide to take her on, then you could end up getting one of the following drops.

The OSRS Nightmare Staff

The drop from the Nightmare is described as once belonging to the shamans of Ashihama, though the real name of it has now been lost in translation. If you do manage to get a hold of one, then you will be required to have level 65 Magic, as well as 50 hitpoints School RuneScapes in order to equip it.

What’s more, players are able to attach three different orbs to the staff to give them different abilities. By attaching a Volatile, Harmonised, or Eldritch orb to the staff, you will create a Runescape staff nightmare with a precursor of whichever orb you attached, for example, the Eldritch Nightmare and so on. It is a rare chance of dropping at 0.437%, but with its Magic attack and defense bonuses, its worth keeping an eye on.

Eldritch Orb

As mentioned above, there are three orbs that you can attach to the Nightmare Staff, and these orbs are dropped by The Nightmare also. The orbs are incredibly rare drops, with Eldritch coming in at 0.0972%.

If you do manage to get a hold of one and attach it to Old School Runescape Staff Nightmare, then you can use it to auto-cast offensive standard spells. You will need the same 50 Hitpoints as the staff does to wield but will also need 75 Magic skill to go with it. It can also be used for Ancient Magicks, so it can prove to be very valuable to you.

Harmonised Orb

The chances of a Harmonised Orb dropping is the same as the Eldritch Orb and can be used on The Nightmare Staff to make the Harmonised Nightmare. To wield this OSRS staff nightmare, you will need the same requirement stats as those with the Eldritch Orb. The difference between the two orb staffs is that the Harmonised Staff Nightmare cannot auto-cast Ancient Magicks.

What it does offer however is increased attack speed when casting from the standard OSRS spellbook without any delay. It can also be used in PvP world settings since it isn’t technically classed as a powered staff, which is good news if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Volatile Orb OSRS

The Volatile Orb has the same drop rate as the previous two, and once again has the same wielding requirements. It also works in a similar way of the Eldritch Orb, in that it can auto-cast offensive standard ancient spells and Ancient Magicks when combined to make the Volatile Nightmare Staff.

When this staff is created, it has a special attack known as Immolate. This takes 55% of special attack energy from the player who contributes 50% more accuracy to their range attacks. Naturally, this is going to create a pretty high and accurate amount of damage. Just how much magic damage is caused depends on where your Magic level is at, with a maximum possible hit of 80 when you reach level 99. This is increased to 89 if you find yourself on a Slayer task.

Inquisitor’s Armour Items

There are three Inquisitor’s armor drops that can come from The Nightmare. With the exception of the Inquisitor’s Mace, which we will discuss shortly, there is a 0.291% chance of you getting your hands on them.

Starting with the Great Helm, you will need 70 Strength and 30 Defence in order to equip it. Once you have done so, you will be able to increase your base damage and accuracy if you use crush attacks. This is boosted if you manage to get all of the pieces of the Inquisitor’s armor.

The Inquisitor’s Hauberk has the same requirement stats as the helm as part of the armor sets. By equipping it you will also see the same increases of damage dealt with accuracy, which stands at 0.5%, increasing to 2.5% when equipped with the other pieces of armor. Meanwhile, the final piece of the armor set is the Inquisitor’s Plateskirt. It’s worth mentioning that all these Inquisitor’s items count towards being a Zamorakian item when you are in the God Wars Dungeon.

Inquisitor’s Mace

Finally, there is a mace that can accompany that armor set you’ve just read about. Though it has a rarer drop rate at 0.146% compared to the armor items and Nightmare Staff, it can be a useful item to get a hold of.

Since the armor set has boosts that cater to the crush attack style, it comes in handy that the mace is a crush weapon. You will need 75 Attack in order to wield it, and thankfully doesn’t need any charges, nor does it degrade. As far as its combat stats go, it has a +95 crush bonus, as well as a +52 stab attack bonus. It also has a +89 Strength bonus, so it can prove to be a very effective weapon.

These are the unique drops that you can expect to see from The Nightmare. Each time you kill it there is a chance for you to roll two unique drop tables, which will contain one of each of the items and armor. So whilst you won’t have to fork out your OSRS Gold, you will need to defeat The Nightmare a few times to get the chance to earn all of the items on this list. Having said that, the bonuses with the armor and its overall look is very appealing, so if you are prepared to fight The Nightmare, then be sure to try and get as many of these items as you can.

Have you managed to acquire these items? Let us know in the comments section below!

How to Get PoE Uniques

And build your collection

PoE uniques are pieces of equipment that have unusual effects or different modifiers. Some character builds are based on these effects. They’re not supposed to be stronger than high leveled rare equipment, but they’re a popular PoE trade item. One factor that makes it so is their rarity since outside of some exceptions, they’re rather hard to farm.

Here we’ll be listing a few ways you can increase the chances of getting one. Then you can even sell them to get PoE currency from trading!

Play the Game

Generally, simply playing the game will give you PoE unique items. All kinds of enemies or destructible objects have a chance to drop a unique. It’s a small chance, but it’s there. It’s also random, so you don’t know which one you’re going to get.

The level of the item you can get depends on the level and rarity of the monsters you’re fighting. Say the item is level 40. Normal monsters in level 40+ maps will drop that, magic/rare/unique monsters in level 39 maps will drop it, and level 38 rare/unique monsters will drop it.

PoE Orbs of Chance

This PoE orb has a chance of transforming a PoE item into a Path of Exile unique form. For example, using it on a sword might give you a PoE unique sword. It will not turn into armor or another type of weapon. Since certain unique items are league-specific, you will need the relevant map mods to get those. The chances of this succeeding are quite low, so you might need a few tries to be successful.

Vaal Orbs

Some unique items ‘corrupted’ and Vaal Orbs give you a chance to get them. This is mostly for unique jewels and some equipment.


Some prophecies award you with unique items after fulfilling them. A majority of the ones that ask you to hunt down a certain enemy and defeat it will do so. There’s also “The Mysterious Gift” prophecy, which gives you a random unique when you trade in five others to a vendor.

Vendor Recipes

You can trade in some items to get a unique from a vendor. These PoE uniques are unavailable through other methods. They’re not included in the world drop pool and Orb of Chance or Vaal Orbs won’t result in these uniques. The level of the item received from this method depends on the lowest level of the items traded-in.

Divination Cards

Some of these items (such as the Tabula Rasa) are rewards from Divination Cards. Like the Vendor Recipe ones, these uniques can’t be found in other methods.

Event Competition Rewards

Some event competitions may award unique items to the winners. Note that not all events will have this kind of reward.

PoE Trade

Of course, you can just trade with other people for these items. However, prices may be a little high because of the difficulty of getting some specific ones.

And that’s all the sources of PoE uniques in the game. Have fun building up your collection of these items!

Raiding Can Wait: What to Do Before Blackwing Lair Drops in WoW Classic

Raiding Can Wait: What to Do Before Blackwing Lair Drops in WoW Classic

Contrary to what WoW’s PVE culture has become, there is more to WoW Classic than just raiding… and then eagerly waiting for the next raid to come. Fittingly enough, with Phase 3 inbound, WoW Classic will have Blackwing Lair soon. So, aside from raiding current dungeons and amassing WoW Classic Gold, what are other things can you do before the not-so-new content hits?

Here’s a list for that.

The Class Struggle

While Blackwing Lair is the content players are most excited about, there’s more to Phase 3 than that. In fact, there are other equally important things coming, and among them are class quests.

Aside from the fact that this will lead players to the Sunken Temple, it will also give them a chance to choose between three items. Each of them has pros and cons, so choose wisely. But don’t focus on just the dungeon or the item you will get from it. Rather, brush up on the quests as a whole so you can better prepare for them.

Dancing in the Moonlight

You can enter a raid any time, although there’s not much point doing so if you’ve already hit the lockout. Then other events aren’t exactly time-limited, but you don’t exactly have round-the-clock access to them. A good example of that is the Darkmoon Faire.

This regular event, which will give you the chance to buy items you won’t be able to find anywhere else, happens only once a month. Thankfully, it lasts a week, but it’s still easy to miss out on if you happen to be too busy with other content.

There are all sorts of trinkets for sale, and many of them give considerable boosts. And if you’re either a priest or a druid, the trinket Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon is a must-buy, as it grants a 2% chance of getting 100% mana regeneration after casting a spell. This effect lasts for 15 seconds. With how often these two classes cast spells because of their support role, it’s going to be quite the help.

Getting Ready

If you really can’t take raiding off your mind, here’s a good way to do something different but related to it: preparing consumables for it. While waiting for Blackwing Lair to arrive, start farming for these items now, so that you can just focus on raiding later on, and then do other things aside from farming once you got locked down.

If you’re a tank, there’s another raiding-related preparation you should be doing now: installing a threat meter. Because most bosses in Blackwing Lair can’t be taunted, you’re going to have to hold their aggro the old-fashioned way. If you don’t have a threat meter, this can get quite tricky.

Thankfully, there are lots of threat meters you can find online, and most of them are for free. It takes less than an hour to download and install a meter, so the hardest thing to do when it comes to installing them is opening your browser and hitting that download button.

Last but not least, get yourself the Onyxia Scale Cloak. Without it, you won’t be able to fight the black drake bosses in the raid, as they have the deadly ability called Shadowflame, which deals massive damage over time.

To get one, you have to turn over Onyxia’s head to Bolvar Fordragon. You’ll find him at the Stormwind Keep.

Don’t just slack off while you wait for the Blackwing Lair to drop; do the things we recommend. Trust us, you’ll be better off for it. So, which of these things are you going to do first? Let us know!

We’re All Crazy for Path of Exile Delirium Newest Expansion!

Fall into your exile’s delirium and nightmare in Path of Exile‘s newest league. Like with the other expansions, Delirium brings new mechanics, new PoE skills, items, and PoE orbs to the fold. More than that, there will be updates to the base game as well.

Here’s a look at all the interesting bits about the expansion.

Dive into Your Nightmare

Delirium’s core mechanic is the appearance of Mirrors of Delirium. Past it, you’ll encounter the world of Delirium. A thick fog covers this world, changing the appearance and behavior of existing enemies (including bosses) and adding new ones. The farther away you get from the mirror, the harder it will be to survive. However, that’s also where the greatest rewards can be found!

It lets you control how far you want the challenge to go. There is always the option to retreat and let the fog dissipate. The Mirrors are usually near the beginning of maps, allowing you to progress throughout the entirety of it through the fog. That means that bosses will have a double dose of difficulty thrown at you. Specifically, they’re deep within the fog, and they’re unpredictable due to its influence. Story bosses aren’t exempt from this rule.

With these new mechanics, the expansion also introduces Orbs of Delirium. Use these orbs on maps to increase their difficulty. Different kinds also increase the likelihood of you obtaining certain rewards. Mix and match to balance the challenge and what you can get from it. How deep will you go in your Delirium?

Everything New in This Expansion

Other than this exciting new mechanic, there are several new additions to the game.

PoE Skills

Two new skills are introduced, but there will be four new ones at launch. Also, there will be three new support gems as well. The two introduced skills are Blade Burst and Kinetic Bolt.

Blade Burst lets you detonate blades from your skills. It pairs well with skills such as Bladefall, Blade Vortex, and Ethereal Knives. Add in a ‘Cast on…’ support gem and watch your enemies fall. Also, the expansion finally lets you cast ‘Animate Weapon’ on the same kind of blades.

Kinetic Bolt is a mesmerizing wand attack that fires a bolt that zigzags as it flies. If you pair it with Barrage Support, you can watch the bolts weave through waves of enemies in artistic patterns.

Look forward to the rest, as these are promising new additions!

Unique Items

There are two PoE uniques to come, Algor Mortis and Perfidy.

The former is a pair of Carnal Mitts. Its effects focus on inflicting the Sap ailment on enemies affected by your chilling areas.  What’s more, it increases your Lightning Damage for those same enemies. It also adds 70 points to your Energy Shield, and increases the effects of non-damaging ailments.

The latter is a Glorious Plate that allows you to carry two different banners at the same time. Then it allows you to increase both of their stages by hitting enemies with melee. It has further enhancements for War and Dread Banners. Lastly, it also modifies Melee Damage and Maximum Life.

Cluster Jewels and Extending the Passive Skill Tree

This is perhaps the most interesting addition of the expansion. Enemies found in the fog of Delirium may drop these rare jewels that can expand your passive skill tree. That means more opportunities to customize your builds, and you can even chain them up to three times. Some of them will even give you a passive skill, from a pool of 280 new ones.

What’s even more interesting is that they are craftable! You can reroll the stats and modifiers of these jewels to suit your needs. Theory crafters and build enthusiasts will go crazy at all the new opportunities these jewels can provide.

A Mysterious Figure

While exploring the fog and destroying enemies, you might find some Simulacrum Splinters. Collecting 100 of these will let you open a portal to a Simulacrum. These are the endgame bosses of the league, so be prepared before you try challenging them.

They also seem to hold the mysteries of the fog. Will you brave your nightmares for victory, or fall prey to your fear before ever reaching the end?

Delirious with Excitement

The Delirium League is coming to the game on March 13th. Soon, you’ll be lost in the fog, gathering all these cool Path of Exile uniques, PoE items, and skills. As you wait until it gets released, you can continue to farm for PoE currency such as Chaos Orbs. Other than that, continue enjoying Path of Exile.

Have fun, before your nightmare awakens and delirium fills Wraeclast!