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Master These Moves to Rank Up Quickly in Rocket League

There’s just something about those Rocket League items that are reserved for champions. They’re always cool, whatever they are. Maybe it’s just the fact that they’re reserved for the best of the best. Once you have one, everybody knows you’ve been a champion at least once.

To help you with getting that Champion item, here are some moves to master first.

Half Flip Recovery

This maneuver is basically a U-turn using a canceled backflip and an air roll. It lets you turn the car 180 degrees in a fast and efficient way without losing momentum. The most basic of moves, you’ll find that you’ll be using this more often than you thought.

The first step in performing this maneuver is to start a backflip and cancel it halfway (when all four wheels are up in the air). From there, just do the air roll, and you’ve completed the half flip. Do it in a flowing motion.

Quick Power Slide

The Quick Power Slide is basically drifting, but with a boost. It’s good for turning in sharp angles. When doing the Power Slide in the tutorial, it’s a little wobbly and uncontrollable. When you’re trying to keep the ball moving toward the opponent’s goal, that’s a bad thing. The Quick Power Slide keeps your car stable and, in a fast-paced game such as Rocket League, that’s a huge bonus.

Doing it is easy, just keep the boost on when you execute a power slide.


Kickoffs are an important part of the match, because anyone (or any team) that is good at them can dominate a match. A proper kickoff gives a huge advantage to the player (and their team). It is absolutely essential to learn how to do proper kickoffs.

There are two characteristics of a good kickoff, height and how goalside you are. For height, a ball bouncing between two car noses will continue so until one nose becomes higher than the other. That higher nose becomes a barrier that the ball will bounce off over the other car.

As for being goalside, imagine a straight line that splits the arena in half and goes through both goals. It will pass through the ball at its starting position on the center. Being goalside is being aligned with that line when hitting the ball.

There will be no details on how to do kickoffs, as there are many variations. You can search for video tutorials on those variations, or create your own version.

Double Jump Aerial

Aerial shots and fights will become more frequent as players climb the ranks. Therefore, to be as prepared as you could be, it would be good to practice aerial maneuvers early. One such maneuver is the Double Jump Aerial. It can get you to a ball up in the air in a quick, efficient way.

This maneuver involves double-tapping the jump key, while not moving. (If done while moving, it will make the car flip.) At the peak of that second jump, turn on the boost and direct the car toward the ball.

Mid-Boost Jump

This is a more advanced maneuver to master, and an aerial one at that. This move also lets you zoom to the ball quickly, though it’s up to your judgment whether to use this or the double jump boost instead. It’s also a little harder to control on top of being harder to do.

To execute a Mid-Boost Jump, jump, pull back a bit while boosting and then jump again.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. However, since nothing’s perfect, aim for consistency instead. Practice these moves until they become muscle memory. Along with these moves, you should also train your judgment and positioning. Those are essential skills to train, as knowing how to perform these moves means nothing if you can’t get your timing or positioning right. Lastly, don’t neglect your defense.

So play, practice, and observe. Take each day as it comes, and don’t let failure be the end. Enjoy Rocket League!