Why Makes Battle Royale Games Popular

Why Makes Battle Royale Games Popular

The battle royale genre has become quite popular; the first battle royale genre came from a mod of Arma, though still, it is quite a debated topic whether the game idea was picked up from the movie Hunger Games. But soon it started to create waves, and this genre came into the limelight in here players drop onto an island and then find and scavenge weapons for their survival and the last one to stay alive in the island is announced as the winner.

Why are Battle Royale genre games so popular?

In short, the survival instinct. People do have a survival instinct when they are born, who doesn’t love winning while defeating others? The same thing applies to other game modes too, like in Team DeathMatch you want to kill other players with the least amount of deaths and want your team to win there is a competitive element involved also. Yet, Battle Royale genre is the end to this “Survival Instinct”. In Battle Royale, every fight you enter into might be your last one. At the same time, the story is quite different for other modes where you could respawn until the match ends. Hence, making it more satisfying to be the winner in battle royale games. Yet, there may be instances, and drawbacks which may cause the players to feel unfair is the random drop rate of the weapons and armours.

What makes Battle Royale genre games Different?

The short answer is you can do anything that you would probably do if you were in the same situation. As in PUBG, you can drive cars, buses, pickup vans, and in Fortnite, you can build towers for your protection. The other factor that may contribute to making battle royale games popular is the price of the games. As Fortnite is free to download and is available in practically every console and news is that it may be soon be ported to Nintendo Switch too also it is available on smartphones. Similar is the case with PUBG, but the only thing is that you need to buy it for PC and Consoles whereas again it is free on mobile devices. The one reason that makes Battle Royale Games is also because of their large player base and active daily users. If it didn’t have a big player base, then possible developers won’t be updating the game much either. Therefore, you can see that there are updates practically every week, whether it is a weapon or skin. All this content makes the game more attractive and makes people play more to grind for their favourite skins and weapons.

Final Words

The Battle Royale is indeed the most popular genre right now. Even Call of Duty a First-Person Shooting game has entered into the battle royale genre with their new game Call of Duty: Warzone. Battle royale games may continue to grow in future also. Hence, making it more interesting to look back at its past and understand what made it so popular today.

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List of All Xbox Console (Info and History)

If you are a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox console, then today we will take you down a trip on memory lane and briefly explore all the consoles that were released in order. This comprehensive list will give you all the basic information you need to speak about the basics of each console and their impact on the future of Xbox game system design. You can see a steady progression of computing power, functionality and games since the original launch of Xbox in 2001.

Xbox (Original)

The original Xbox was the first Xbox console created by Microsoft and experiment into the gaming console market. The console was first announced to the world in March 2000 and was mainly competing against PlayStation 2. Microsoft was clever and built the system using standardized PC components, leveraging Microsoft Windows and DirectX as the primary OS to support it’s new roster of games. The console was very powerful compared to other systems in the marketing featuring a 733 MHz Intel Pentium 3 processor and was the first system to use a built-in hard disk. It also was made for online play through Xbox live. It’s most iconic title was Halo 2 which propelled the system into fame for young gamers.

  • Generation: 1
  • Launch Price: $299.99
  • Release Date (North America): November 15th, 2001
  • Discontinued (North America): March 2nd, 2009
  • Units Sold: 24+ Million
  • Best Selling Game: Halo 2 (8 Million Copies)
  • CPU: 733 MHz x86 Intel Celeron/Pentium III Custom Hybrid CPU
  • GPU: 233 MHz nVidia custom GeForce 3 NV2A DirectX 8.0 based GPU
  • Memory: 64 MB DDR SDRAM @ 200 MHz 6.4 GB/s

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the successor to Xbox and launched on November 22nd, 2005 after years of hype. It mainly was in competition with PS3 and Nintendo Wii as the market became more competitive with next gen consoles of that era. Xbox 360 is mainly known for Xbox Live on both a free and subscription based model with different features. Demos, games, music, tv shows and shows were all able to be purchased through live and proved successful. When the system launched it originally had a supply problem in regions like North America and Europe. Even though it was not the most sold Xbox Console, it was certainly extremely influential for the time.

  • Generation: 2
  • Launch Price: $299.99
  • Release Date (North America): November 22, 2005
  • Discontinued (North America): April 20, 2016
  • Units Sold: 84+ million
  • Best Selling Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • CPU: 3.2 GHz IBM PowerPC tri-core CPU codenamed “Xenon”
  • GPU: 500 MHz ATi custom Radeon X1800 DirectX 9.0c based GPU codenamed “Xenos”
  • Memory: 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM @ 700 MHz 22.4 GB/s, 10 MB EDRAM GPU frame buffer memory

Xbox One

On November 22nd, 2013, the Xbox One was released globally powering Xbox into it’s 4th Generation of gaming consoles with the utilization of cloud computing. The original Xbox one features a powerful AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The controller was redesigned to improve the body, D-Pad and triggers that can deliver directional haptic feedback.  Overall the console received positive reviews for all the upgraded functionality, reliability and features.

  • Generation: 3
  • Launch Price: $399.99 (without Kinect)
  • Release Date: November 22, 2013
  • Discontinued: August 2, 2016
  • Units Sold: 46.9 million Estimate
  • Best Selling Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • CPU: 1.75 GHz AMD x86-64 eight-core CPU
  • GPU: 853 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7000 series DirectX 11.1, DirectX 12 based GPU
  • Memory: 8 GB of DDR3 RAM @ 2133 MHz 68.3 GB/s,[55] 32 MB ESRAM GPU frame buffer memory

Xbox One S

The next model of the Xbox One is the Xbox One S which is an upgraded and revised version of the Xbox One available in 500 GB, 1 Terra Byte and a specific 2 Terra Byte edition model.

  • Generation: 3
  • Launch Price: $299.99
  • Release Date: August 2, 2016
  • Discontinued: July 16, 2020
  • Units Sold: 46.9 million
  • Best Selling Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • CPU: 1.75 GHz AMD x86-64 eight-core CPU codenamed “Jaguar”
  • GPU: 914 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7000 series DirectX 11.1, DirectX 12 based GPU
  • Memory: 8 GB of DDR3 RAM @ 2133 MHz 68.3 GB/s,[55] 32 MB ESRAM GPU frame buffer memory

Xbox One X

At E3 2016, Microsoft decided to tease their fans with a high-end revised version of Xbox One and called it Project Scorpio. The One X was released on November 7th, 2017. The difference in this model included upgraded hardware, 4K resolution  a system on chip (SoC), 2.3 GHz octa-core GPU with 40-compute units. The One X is compatible with all Xbox One games, software and accessories.

  • Generation: 3
  • Launch Price $499.99
  • Release Date: November 7th, 2017
  • Discontinued: July 16th, 2020
  • Units Sold: N/A
  • Best Selling Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • CPU: 2.3 GHz semi-custom AMD x86-64 eight-core CPU code
  • GPU: 1172 MHz AMD GCN DirectX 11.1, DirectX 12 based GPU
  • Memory: 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM @ 6.8 GHz 326 GB/s

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are the first Xbox consoles in their 4th generation released on November 10th, 2020. The Series S has less processing power then the Series X and a slower GPU. It was primarily designed to fit inside a backpack or bad for ease of travel and storage. It is around 60% smaller than the Series X.

  • Generation: 4
  • Launch Price: $299.99
  • Release Date: November 10, 2020
  • Discontinued: N/A
  • Units Sold: N/A
  • Best Selling Game: N/A
  • CPU: 3.6 GHz custom AMD Zen 2 eight-core CPU
  • GPU: 1550 MHz AMD Custom RDNA 2 DirectX 12 based CPU with 20 compute units
  • Memory: 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM: 8GB @ 244 GB/s, 2 GB @ 56 GB/s

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the most high-end (and most expensive) Xbox console you can officially buy. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox announced that Microsoft wanted to prioritize high frame rates and fast load times. The design of the console is made to not be intrusive and overall minimalistic. It can be used both horizonal or vertical which gives the owner many options on where they can set the device down.

  • Generation: 4
  • Launch Price: $499.99
  • Release Date: November 10th, 2020
  • Discontinued: N/A
  • Units Sold: N/A
  • Best Selling Game: N/A
  • CPU: 3.8 GHz custom AMD Zen 2 eight-core CPU[5
  • GPU: 1825 MHz AMD Custom RDNA 2 DirectX 12 based CPU with 52 compute units[58]
  • Memory: 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM; 10 GB @ 560 GB/s, 6 GB @ 336 GB/s

Thanks for reading our Xbox Console guide! We will aim to keep this updated as the future of Xbox unfolds before our very eyes!

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When 4kids Becomes Patriotic

When 4kids Becomes Patriotic

This is Epic! When an American National Anthem is belted out by anime characters of Japanese and Italian origin, that’s phenomenal!

#4kids #foxkids #90Kids #Classic #AmericanNationalAnthem

5 Reasons Why You Should Play World of Warcraft

5 Reasons Why You Should Play World of Warcraft

1. A Very Significant Game

2. Just Like Tolkien

3. Easier Entry

4. Back to Old Times

5. A Blast in Azeroth

It has been said that the age of MMORPGs is long past. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of playing Blizzard’s long-running high-fantasy MMO, especially when it has been running for fifteen years and counting? Well, we can think of five solid points to counter that statement.

Here are the top reasons why you should still play World of Warcraft in 2021 and beyond.

A Very Significant Game

Like it or not, World of Warcraft is not only one of the most popular MMORPGs, but also the most culturally significant MMO to ever hit the gaming scene. Aside from being the game of choice by personalities like Mila Kunis, Ronda Rousey, Kanye West, and the late great Robin Williams, it’s also the blueprint game for a lot of other MMOs.

Heck, even an MMO as big as Final Fantasy XIV owes a lot of its mechanics to WoW. That’s not to say that they’re WoW rip-offs, but you can’t deny how influential and enjoyable it must have been for them to go to lengths and adopt what’s working for WoW.

Just Like Tolkien

It’s safe to say that World of Warcraft has an intensely rich lore and world-building mechanic. Humans, elves of all allegiances, orcs, trolls, tauren, and the undead in a world rife with magic and conflict – it’s very much Tolkien-esque. Of course, the writing isn’t as good as JRR’s, but Azeroth is just as fascinating, huge, and diverse as Middle Earth. Plus, it’s just as allegorical to real-world issues, more relatable and easier to digest because it’s a video game. Think of a World of Warcraft account as a book club membership because you heard the word Tolkien, right? What comes to your head is the question mark if World of Warcraft somehow related to Lord of the Rings. As the a Tolkienist and a World of Warcraft regular gamer I can tell that -aside from WoW items, objects, a couple of WoW characters and some small details like The One Ring, 3 Trolls sitting around a campfire, etc. – WoW has not taken any blunt storytelling concept from LoTR as this would be a huge licensing controversy Blizzard would never have attempt to go against.

Easier Entry

Ever since Legion, Blizzard has been making a lot of moves to make World of Warcraft more palatable to players who want to try it but are daunted with all its years and its experienced players. Now, the game gives a lot of opportunities for new players to play catch-up with the rest of the player base. That means it’s easier to earn EXP and WoW Classic gold. This is still very much true with Battle for Azeroth.

Compared to previous expansions, players don’t have to grind as hard just to take on endgame PVE and PVP. While the more “protective” veterans may think that this is unfair or would “cheapen” the game, this less steep road to the endgame actually benefits everyone. Nobody’s sure how long this will be the case for WoW, but it’d be best if starting, current, and prospective players would take advantage of this.

Back to Old Times

Aside from making it a lot less difficult for budding adventurers to get on a competitive level, the themes of Legion and Battle for Azeroth have made the game more inviting to new blood. A lot of gamers, even those that have no interest in playing WoW, already know what World of Warcraft is about: the never-ending struggle between the Alliance and Horde, as well as the sudden arrival of the Burning Legion.

Sure, the two biggest factions are nothing like what they were in Warcraft II and III as the Undead and Night Elf Sentinels have become integrated to the Horde and Alliance respectively, but the old flames of war are indeed just as hot as it was before. With its return to the core concept that many prospective players have associated with the franchise, there’s no better time to start or go back to playing World of Warcraft.

A Blast in Azeroth

Lastly and most importantly, WoW is fun! After all, there’s nothing like being a warrior, spellcaster, or ranger of any of the fantastical races, trying to get stronger, taking on existential threats and political enemies, and exploring the deep mysteries of Azeroth. Truly, it’s the joy that the game brings that’s the best part of World of Warcraft.

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s no longer worth trying. If anything, people should know that World of Warcraft, like fine wine, got better with age. So, if you’re thinking of getting a sip from the most famous MMORPG fix – don’t think; just do it!

Fortnite & G.I. Joe: A Collaboration Between Real American Heroes

Fortnite & G.I. Joe: A Collaboration Between Real American Heroes

Snake Eyes makes a stealthy appearance!

For decades now, no other franchise has encapsulated the true essence of patriotism and love of country as much as G.I. Joe. From the animated series (and subsequent movies) right down to the toys and various merchandise, G.I. Joe has managed to stir feelings of heroism among the youth of the country.

This time around, G.I. Joe makes a long-awaited comeback to mainstream culture via Fortnite, the sensational Battle Royale game. We’re talking, of course, of the recently unveiled Snake Eyes skin. Load up on Fortnite weapons and read on to find out more about this epic (pun intended) collab between Epic Games’ Fortnite and the Real American Heroes.

Who is Snake Eyes?

G.I. Joe has introduced a host of characters that have become mainstays in the lives of the American youth. But perhaps no other character has been as loved and revered as the enigmatic Snake Eyes. After all, he’s a kickass ninja that’s pretty much a one-man army. As the team’s original commando, much of his personal info has remained classified throughout the years. What is known is that he had taken a vow of silence when his martial arts master was murdered in cold blood by his nemesis, Storm Shadow.

Fortnite x G.I. Joe

Fans of both Fortnite and G.I. Joe franchises will be glad to know that Snake Eyes, the most enigmatic and charismatic character to ever grace G.I. Joe is now available as a skin on Fortnite. Players who avail of the full set will receive a number of goodies on top of the skin. These include the Katana Back Bling as well as the Katana Pickaxe. On top of that, Hasbro has naturally joined the fun and is releasing a real-life action figure based on Snake Eyes’ character design in Fortnite.

Zero Point Edition Action Figure

For a mere $39.99, G.I. Joe fans can get their paws on a Snake Eyes action figure complete with his signature Morning Light katana with a sheath inspired by the G.I. Joe universe. On top of that, exclusive Fortnite goodies such as the Boogie Bomb, Chiller Grenade, Clinger, Grenade, Harpoon Launcher, and Mythic Shockwave Launcher will be included. If all that sounds too good to be true, it’s because there’s a slight catch. The Snake-Eyes figure won’t be available for shipping until mid-January 2022. This will be well beyond the release of the highly-anticipated Snake Eyes film (starring Henry Golding as the lead character) which will grace theaters by October of this year.

A Long Line of Snake Eyes toys

Snake Eyes’ popularity among the youth is readily apparent. And this can be seen in the massive sales numbers generated by his action figure in the original G.I. Joe toyline. Though most of the figures from the ‘80s wave shared similar parts, Snake Eyes’ head sculpt was still uniquely his own. The second wave of the figure came a few years after and it included Timber, his wolf.

Fortnite and Pop Culture

Fortnite has made quite a habit out of incorporating well-known pop culture characters into the game. Aside from Snake Eyes, other notables who have graced the phenomenal Battle Royale title are Sarah Connor and the ominous T-800 from the Terminator franchise The Predator has also wowed Fortnite fans recently and we can only assume that Epic Games will continue to release special skins to satiate the fans’ hunger for cool fandom crossovers.

Now that you know, you’ve pretty much won half the battle. It’s time to get your very own Snake Eyes skin from the trusty Fortnite item shop! All that’s left is for you to don the classic G.I. Joe character’s skin and thrust yourself headlong into battle. Now go out there and give us your most convincing “Yo Joe”!

What do you think of the new Fortnite Snake Eyes skin? Will you be copping it or will you make a hard pass? If so, which other G.I. Joe characters would you like to see in Fortnite in the near future? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

WoW Shadowlands: Surviving the Fracture Chambers

WoW Shadowlands: Surviving the Fracture Chambers

Get rid of those pesky assassins!

Torghast, also known as the Tower of the Damned, is one of the most imposing figures in World of Warcraft lore. Recently, a rather notorious wing opened up—the Fracture Chambers. Naturally, the WoW faithful celebrated as a new wing means a new place to discover and more WoW gold to loot! Unfortunately, it is rife with deadly assassins looking to end your adventure in one fell swoop. But fortunately, we’re here to guide you along. So fill your virtual pockets with cheap WoW gold, pack up your essential WoW items, and get ready for a long adventure.

Here’s our essential guide to mitigating those pesky assassins in the Fracture Chambers!

Fracturing Forces

The main thing to note about the Fracture Chambers is that it constantly seeks out fresh prey—that means you! To its end, it calls out Mawsworn Shadestalker every half-a-minute while its target is not currently engaged in combat. It is also bumped up with a 10% health increase which stacks up over time.  

Complications & Mitigations

As if dealing with the constant threat of assassins isn’t enough, you’ll also need to have your wits about you to complete puzzles. A surefire way to mitigate this complication is to ensure that you are constantly in combat mode.

To mitigate them you’ll need to bide your time in the so-called break rooms. As the torments of the tower will be inactive there, you’ll get some much-needed rest to compose yourself. Take note, however, that there really isn’t any way to permanently deactivate the tower’s torments.

It’s also worth noting that Mages and Hunters play a crucial part in this. The former because of their inherent ability to polymorph creatures and the latter because of their skill in setting traps which can turn the tide in your favor during combat.

Also, it’s important that you go about your raid wisely. By that, we mean using the mawrats to your advantage. It will be easy to engage one in combat as they are practically littered all over Torghast. Do note that you shouldn’t get carried away during your engagement. DO NOT KILL IT as you need to be in perpetual combat mode. If, for some reason, you can’t spot mawrats, then you’ll just have to make do with lowly enemies such as skeletons. That way, you’ll remain in combat mode while still being relatively safe.

The Fallen

If and when you manage to make it through the initial challenges of the Fracture Chambers, you’ll need to muster up your courage for one final push: Facing Kosarus the Fallen. There are different bosses whom you will encounter in the Fracture Chambers, but he is the one that’s worth noting. With his unique ability of Predator’s Gaze, it won’t be an easy task. For one, you’ll need to keep steady every time he casts it. Don’t despair though as you can prevent this by stunning him quickly. Again, DO NOT MOVE. Now, we’re not saying you should let yourself be a target; you can still attack him using various WoW items such as smoke bombs.

Kosarus has another ability in the form of Collapse, a random AoE. This should be easy to avoid so we won’t delve deeper into it. The key to defeating him is to really negate his first ability. When all things are considered, it’s really the only thing that makes him a formidable foe anyway. Again, you’ll encounter other bosses,


Torghast is filled with massive challenges—especially for the unwary. Make sure to buy WoW gold and stock up on your essentials before you even think about taking on this challenge. That being said, no challenge is so daunting that it can’t be overcome. And with this Fracture Chamber guide, you’ve taken your first step to conquering the seemingly unconquerable. Do you have what it takes to take up the gauntlet? We hope so—great rewards await you after all. Good luck and see you in Azeroth!

Do you have any other surefire tips that we may have failed to mention? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Fortnite – Controller Tips You Should Know About

Fortnite – Controller Tips You Should Know About

If you happen to play Fortnite using a controller, then there are ways in which you can improve your game. There are a number of changes that you can make that will make you a more efficient player with your Fortnite weapons, building, and more. So before you pay a visit to the Fortnite item shop and hop on the battle bus, you should pay a visit to your settings.

Build Sensitivity

What makes Fortnite stand out from the crowd is the building aspect within the game. The quicker that you can build, the better opportunity that you will have at surviving. With that in mind, you want to make sure that your build sensitivity sits around 1.9, and no higher than 2.1. This will ultimately give you more control over your building, with it not being too quick to use but will build effectively.

Fixing Your Aim

Another very important part of Fortnite, given that it’s a battle royale game, is shooting or more specifically, your aim. If you want to be the best shooter you can be, then you will want to set your sensitivity to what works for you. One way that you can work with improving your aim is with your thumbsticks. Having thumbsticks that cater to your playstyle can be a sure path to victory.

For more long-range weapons such as sniper rifles, then taller thumbsticks can work well to get the accuracy that you are looking for. Shorter domed thumbsticks meanwhile can help with short-range weapons such as shotguns.


Whilst looting is important, you need to be doing it in an effective manner. To make sure that your efficiency is as high as possible, then you should first switch on Tap to Search/Interact, which will allow you to find and grab items at the tap of a button, rather than holding a button-down. Then you should organize your inventory by prioritizing the items that you will need at short notice to the front of your backpack. This includes your weapons of choice, for both long and short-range options. Having these options at the tap of a button could be the difference between winning and losing.

Weapons Cycle

Speaking of Fortnite weapons, you are going to find yourself wanting to cycle through your weaponry as quickly as you can. Many will use SCUF controllers for these kinds of situations, and you can use your controller paddle for a way in which to switch between weapons quickly when pinned down in a firefight. If you want something that’s as close to a mouse approach as possible, then Digital Tap Bumpers allow you to click quickly as you would using a mouse.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As you will have noticed with each passing season, the landscape often changes depending on what theme is introduced. With that in mind, you should take the time to see what’s different, and how it can be used to your advantage. See if there are any special vantage points, familiarise yourself with using unique new features such as traveling across water, using vehicles, and more.

Take these tips into account and you will find yourself building far more efficiently, and will be making the most of your Fortnite weapons. Your settings may not always be at the forefront of your priorities, but they can be a true difference-maker if you can adapt your style of play. When you have done so, you can expect to be racking up the victory royales in no time.

Have you tried these Fortnite settings? Let us know in the comments section below!

Rapture.tv: Best Video Game Streaming Platform

Rapture.tv: Best Video Game Streaming Platform

Do you have a passion for video games? Have you ever dreamed of sharing your passion with as many people as possible in an entertaining and engaging way?

If so, you have probably considered joining a streaming platform. However, right now you may be debating which to choose. The number of options can be overwhelming, and with tens of thousands of Streamers, it can seem daunting trying to find your place in the market and create a community among the streaming & gaming industry heavyweights.

Let us introduce you to Rapture.tv, a brand new generation of streaming platform launching in 2021.

What is Rapture.tv?

Rapture.tv is a video game streaming platform that allows you to simultaneously enjoy the experience of your favorite gaming worlds while sharing them with as many people as possible. What sets Rapture.tv apart from the other streaming platforms is that it prioritizes you, the player and person, above all else. While other platforms restrict their members through censorship, we allow you more freedom than any other platform.

As a newcomer to the video game streaming industry, Rapture.tv also sets itself apart from competitors by offering the increased potential for earnings. We guarantee no less than 70% of the advertising revenue generated will be paid back to the streamer. No other video game streaming platform is able to make that promise. 

How to Join

On the new Rapture.tv streaming platform you will finally be able to focus on the content you enjoy creating and spend less time worrying about unnecessary bans. Rapture offers a 3-tier strike system and will always contact a streamer before being banned upon receiving their third strike.

There are no hurdles or tasks to complete before being able to start earning revenue on Rapture.tv. This goes for streamers and viewers alike. Yes, there is also the possibility for your viewers to earn revenue just for watching their favorite streamers on Rapture.tv.

If you have an audience, you’re earning. Visit Rapture.tv to sign up today and begin attending our bi-weekly public test periods. We will host these until launch so don’t miss your chance to get in on the action early.

What Makes Rapture.tv Different?

Aside from the access to the newfound freedom and higher revenues for streamers, viewers are also getting a whole new streaming experience. Viewers can follow their favorite streamers, spend time and interact with them, and earn revenue themselves. There is a recognition that is due to viewers and they will be rewarded in RPD, the naive Rapids Networks native currency.

Rapture.tv Kickstarter Info

Rapture.TV will soon launch its Kickstarter Campaign which will offer some incredible benefits to investors who decide to participate in this Crowdsale. Below we have highlighted a few to expect:

  • Instant verification of your Partner status
  • 90% of ad revenue paid to the invested streamer for life
  • Access during the mobile application test phases
  • And much more

Join the future today and stay tuned for more updates!

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: Maximizing Combat for Victory

Just like Shadow Fight 3, there are lots of fighting games that have arisen in the past years. These games can be played on laptops and PCs. However, there’s not a lot of them available. With that, Shadow Fight 3 makes a bold case for becoming that go-to fighting game. Especially when there’s a shortage of choices for a quick game.

To move on through the levels in Shadow Fight 3, you need to have the right gear. You also need to master your character’s combat style – and more. Grinding your daily missions and amassing stronger gear is only part of the battle. At the end of the day, all that grinding and gearing up is in preparation for a stronger opponent. They may block your way in Duel mode or through the Quest line. Sometimes, your preparation might fall short.

There’s no easy path towards victory in Shadow Fight 3. You just have to be that good. But that being said, here are some tips that will hopefully help a lot in you getting that win. However easy or elusive it may be.

The Best Offense in Shadow Fight 3 is Defense

There’s a saying in sports – particularly basketball – that the best offense is a good defense. In a combat game like Shadow Fight 3, the wise will focus first on strengthening their defense. Button mashers are a pain to deal with. But if your defense holds, one mistake could cost them the match and turn the tide into your favor.

You must train yourself to have the nature of a defender first rather than a berserker. For this, you’ll need good gear. After all, that will defend you from incurring more damage from your opponent.

Switch Out Your Gear Regularly

Unpredictability, it’s what good fighters often have, and it’s also true in Shadow Fight 3. But true unpredictability lies in not showing any weaknesses to your opponents. This is possible through regularly changing or strengthening your gear sets.

Gears play a big part in helping your defense hold. In the game, you’ll gain a lot of these gear through special chests you win through battles. It’s easy and addicting to just keep using the same old gear during fights. However, the wise fighter will often bamboozle his opponent by changing tactics – and gears.

Faithful Practice Makes Perfection Faithful

You might be unpredictable and have the best gear. But if you keep missing your mark during fights, it won’t help one bit. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to training tips and find time to keep practicing using your favorite character. Mastering their weapons, skills, and abilities also helps. It’s like using a weapon or gear during a fight. The better fighter will always be the one who knows how to use his tools like it’s an extension of his body.

Know Your Shadow Fight 3 Combos & Specials

Part of practicing is knowing which combos and specials to string together. This will maximize your damage against especially strong foes and opponents. The AI in Shadow Fight 3 is no pushover also. The longer you take to finish it off in battle, the better it becomes in anticipating your moves. Because of this, it can win against you again and again.

That’s why you need to learn your moves and combos, so that you can keep the AI on its digital toes. For instance, there are weapons designed to give you a specific edge during battle. It happens through the use of special moves. You can also use weapons to push your opponents away. This will buy you some time to string together some combinations or moves.

Save Your Shadow for Special Times

Timing your attacks is important, just as using your shadow moves at the right time. In this game, the ‘Shadow’ refers to the energy you use to fuel your special moves and powerful attacks. Once the energy bar for your Shadow move is full, you can use the Shadow button to unleash more powerful attacks.

You can also choose to fuel your basic attacks with Shadow energy to make them further stronger. That’s why it’s important to hold off on using your Shadow energy. It’s hard to get a full bar of Shadow energy, so much so that if you use it at the wrong time, you might find your battles become harder.

Shadow Fight 3 through Games.lol

It’s worth noting that Games.lol makes it easier for you to download SF3 on PC. Shadow Fight 3 benefits from the game client being on PC – there are easier controls to use. Also, you’ll find yourself having a generally easier time in fights.

Mastering your moves and using your creativity when using combos will go a long way in winning over your opponents. However, remember that practice is king – and so are the tips we presented here.

**Guest Post Author’s Bio**

Jonathan J Kingston is a video game enthusiast, gamer, and a veteran video game news writer for Games.lol. He spends his free time hunting for free game sites and testing their reliability. 

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