What Level to Defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring?

What Level to Defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring?

What’s more mortifying than striding into a boss battle, confident in your finely-tuned gaming abilities, only to have your posterior handed to you? Nothing. And let’s face it, Elden Ring isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily, FromSoftware has bestowed a gift upon us mortals in the form of Elden Ring Runes, for those who want to take a breather from the chaos. This game boasts a breathtaking open world that’s chock-full of content, but with great freedom comes great responsibility. You might find yourself in a precarious situation, under-leveled and overwhelmed, losing your grip on reality and your controller.

One boss that’s been giving players fits is the notorious Starscourge Radahn. Fear not, my friends, for we’ve got the lowdown on what level you should be at to take on this formidable foe. Make no mistake, Radahn isn’t a pushover. You’ll want to be somewhere in the 70-80 level range if you’re planning to take him on. This will ensure that you’re dealing sufficient damage to the boss while not getting annihilated in one hit. Your health pool and attack power are also important factors to consider, alongside your level. Furthermore, your personal skills and weapon level can make or break your chances in this fight. Keep in mind that the recommended level may vary based on whether you’re fighting Radahn alone or with some backup.

Asking what level to fight Radahn in Elden Ring is a common inquiry among players, and answers can be as diverse as they come. But if you want the real deal, keep reading. We’ve got the lowdown on what level to fight Radahn in Elden Ring, so buckle up and get ready to kick some Radahn butt.

What Level Should I Be Fighting Starscourge Radahn?

Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring is notorious for being one of the game’s hair-pulling difficulty spikes, leaving players teetering on the brink of despair. This boss fight is certainly not for the faint of heart and is sure to give even the most seasoned players a run for their money.

In order to stand a fighting chance against Radahn, we highly recommend that you level up your character to at least 70-80. These levels will serve you well if you invest them wisely in Vigor and Attack Power, tailored to complement your character build. This will not only allow you to deal enough damage to the boss but also give you a much-needed boost to your health and defensive capabilities, giving you a better chance to survive and conquer this formidable foe.

Make no mistake, taking on Starscourge Radahn is no walk in the park, but with the right preparation and strategy, victory is within reach. So, sharpen your blades, hone your skills, and gear up for one of Elden Ring’s most challenging battles yet.

Who is Starscourge Radahn

In the wondrous world of Elden Ring lies a boss that is as elusive as he is difficult – Starscourge Radahn. Situated in the confines of Redmane Castle, this boss is not exactly mandatory, but if you’re looking to unlock one of the game’s endings or complete a few NPC questlines, you’ll have to take him down.

Born to Queen Rennala and Radagon, Radahn is a demi-god by birthright, with the power and prowess to match. During the Shattering, he battled Malenia to a stalemate, showcasing his might in a way that few others could. But despite his impressive pedigree, Radahn’s mind has been ravaged by the Scarlet Rot, driving him into a state of feral madness that we must contend with in battle.

Make no mistake, this boss is not just a test of your combat skills, but also a feast for the eyes. With his stunning visual design and impressive armor set, Radahn is a boss that you won’t soon forget. So, ready your weapons and brace yourself for the fight of your life.

Suggested Level to Fight Radahn

Fighting the mighty Radahn in Elden Ring is not a feat for the faint of heart, but fear not, dear adventurer, for we have a suggestion to level the playing field. While the ideal level for taking on this demi-god boss is certainly subjective, we recommend a range of 70-80 to keep things fair and square. This way, you can enjoy a well-balanced and thrilling fight that won’t feel like a cakewalk or a hopeless endeavor.

Of course, leveling up beyond this range doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy victory. You see, Radahn is a formidable foe, and his ferocious attacks can catch even the most seasoned players off guard. So, even if you’re at a higher level, you’ll still need to bring your A-game and stay on your toes if you hope to emerge victorious.

All in all, taking on Radahn is a test of your mettle as a warrior, and your level is just one factor in the equation. With the right tactics, equipment, and mindset, you can overcome this challenge and emerge triumphant, no matter what level you’re at.

The Importance of Weapon Level

When it comes to slaying bosses in Elden Ring, your character’s level is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, what truly matters is the level of your weapon, as it determines the amount of punishment you can dish out and take in return.

An upgraded weapon can be your saving grace, not only against the likes of Starscourge Radahn but also every other area and boss in the game. You may have heard tales of lower-level players putting Radahn in his place, while others at level 105 have met their untimely demise at his hands.

A higher-level weapon ensures a fair and balanced battle, providing you with a decent damage output and more powerful weapon skills to help you wriggle out of tight spots – particularly in a fight as intense as Radahn’s. So, don’t overlook the importance of upgrading your weapon, dear warrior, if you wish to emerge victorious in the realm of Elden Ring.

Factors to Consider When Fighting

Playstyle and Character Build

When it comes to facing formidable foes like Radahn, it’s essential to consider your character’s build and playstyle. It’s no secret that Magic builds can act as glass cannons, effortlessly obliterating enemies from a safe distance without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, pure melee builds have to get up close and personal, quite literally. Engaging in a brawl demands a more generous HP pool to avoid being knocked out in one fell swoop, along with greater attack power if you want to bring down the boss in a reasonable amount of time. So, whether you prefer a magical or physical approach, remember that your build and style can make all the difference in your quest to conquer Elden Ring’s fiercest foes.

Stats Allocation

Stat allocation is a crucial factor to consider when tackling tough bosses like Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. It’s important to understand that levels don’t necessarily reflect power but rather the number of times you’ve invested Runes into the game’s Base Attributes.

Investing your Stat points wisely can be the deciding factor in your success against Radahn. For instance, a pure Strength player who allocated most of their points towards boosting their Health and Attack Power will likely have an easier time than someone who spread their points across multiple Attributes. So, dear warriors, remember to allocate your Stats strategically to achieve maximum efficiency and conquer the challenges of Elden Ring with ease.


Prepare for a thrilling and singular experience when facing the Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. What sets this boss fight apart from the rest is the ability to summon up to five NPCs to join you in battle, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the encounter. Without giving away any spoilers, the NPCs’ involvement in the fight ties into the game’s ongoing narrative.

There are eight unique NPCs that you can summon for this particular fight, and they can be resummoned if needed. By enlisting the help of these NPCs, you can take on Radahn at a much lower level than if you were to go it alone. With Radahn’s focus divided between multiple targets, your subpar Attributes may be compensated for, making the risk much more manageable. So, don’t hesitate to call upon your NPC allies and face Radahn with confidence.

The Importance of Skill

Hop aboard the git gud express! The concept is simple: Radahn can be faced at any point in the game, depending on your skill level. Believe it or not, some players complete the game without donning a single piece of armor or leveling up.

If you’re a master of Elden Ring, then you may find tackling Starscourge Radahn at a lower level than recommended a piece of cake. On the flip side, for those who haven’t quite mastered the game yet, it may be a struggle. But don’t fret! You can take on Radahn at your own pace, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie. So, grab your controller and show Radahn who’s boss!

Tips to Defeat Starscourge Radahn

In Elden Ring, even the highest-level players can find themselves six feet under if they’re not careful. The ruthless Starscourge Radahn will put your skills to the test, so buckle up and listen up for some valuable tips to survive this boss fight:

  • Make use of the summons: As previously mentioned, you can summon up to five NPCs to help you in battle. This will divide Radahn’s attention and make the fight more manageable.
  • Keep your summons alive: Your NPC allies will only be helpful if they’re alive, so keep an eye on their health and prioritize healing them when needed.
  • Do not get greedy: Radahn hits hard, so don’t get too greedy with your attacks. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike.
  • Maintain a safe distance in the second phase: In the second phase of the fight, Radahn becomes mounted on his horse, making him much more mobile. Keep a safe distance to avoid his attacks and wait for an opening.
  • Move-in after his Hail of Arrows attack and go to town while he is unmounted: When Radahn unleashes a Hail of Arrows attack, it leaves him vulnerable for a short time after. Take advantage of this opportunity to strike while he’s
  • dismounted.
  • Mount your horse: If you’re having trouble avoiding Radahn’s attacks, consider mounting your horse to increase your mobility.
  • A good shield can be better against his arrows than rolling out of harm’s way: Rolling may seem like a good option to avoid Radahn’s arrows, but a good shield can be much more effective in protecting you.
  • Summons make his moveset unpredictable, so soloing can sometimes be better: While summons can be helpful, they can also make Radahn’s moveset unpredictable. Consider soloing the fight if you’re having trouble with your NPC allies.
  • Radahn is weak to Rot: Lastly, Radahn is weak to Rot, so consider using weapons that deal Rot damage to increase your chances of victory.

Remember, the key to defeating Starscourge Radahn is to stay patient, be observant, and most importantly, don’t give up.


Our discussion on the optimal level to confront the Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring has come to a close. We have endeavored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the facts so that you can decide whether to face this formidable foe or not. It must be said that any recommendation regarding a boss’s appropriate level is subjective, and depends on one’s appetite for both risk and reward. However, we have offered a balanced suggestion for those who relish the interplay between pleasure and pain.

We welcome your feedback in the comments section below on the usefulness of this guide. And to all, you Tarnished out there, best of luck in your perilous journeys.

Celebrate Love in Azeroth with the Dragonflight Love is in the Air Guide

Celebrate Love in Azeroth with the Dragonflight Love is in the Air Guide

The World of Warcraft’s Love is in the Air event is just around the corner, and players are gearing up for the love-filled celebration in Azeroth. This guide will provide players with all the essential information they need to make the most of this special occasion. Whether you want to earn some WoW mounts, buy WoW gold, or simply enjoy the festivities, this guide has covered you.

The Love is in the Air event features a series of fun and challenging quests that will test your skills and reward you with some of the most sought-after s in the game. From battling against the forces of evil to delivering love letters, there’s something for everyone during this celebration.

Get Your Heart Racing with the Love is in the Air Quests

Love is in the air in the World of Warcraft, and what better way to celebrate than by embarking on heart-warming quests and completing exciting challenges? Players can experience the magic of Love is in the Air through a series of quests that take them on a journey throughout Azeroth. From collecting sweet-scented flowers to completing special tasks, there’s no shortage of romantic adventures.

One of the most memorable quest lines takes players to the Grand Ballroom, where they can dance the night away with their significant other. This quest line is a true test of love, as players must work together to complete tasks and overcome obstacles. Whether it’s gathering ingredients for a special dish or finding the perfect gift for their sweetheart, players will be sure to create unforgettable memories as they celebrate their love in the World of Warcraft.

So, gear up, grab your partner and get ready to experience the Love is in the Air celebration in Azeroth. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world, this event is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life.

Score Big with the Love is in the Air Rewards

From special WoW mounts and pets to unique items and cosmetics, there’s plenty to earn during this special celebration. And with the option to buy WoW gold, players can easily make the most of their time and effort during the event.

Love is in the air and so are the rewards! The annual Love is in the Air event in World of Warcraft (WoW) offers players a chance to complete quests and earn unique and rare rewards. From adorable pets and WoW mounts to cosmetic items, the Love is in the Air event has something for everyone.

One of the most coveted rewards during the Love is in the Air event is the Big Love Rocket mount. This mount, which resembles a heart-shaped rocket, can only be obtained by completing specific event quests. Additionally, players can earn the Love Fool title, a cosmetic item that displays the player’s character name with hearts around it, by completing all the Love is in the Air achievements.

In addition to WoW mounts and cosmetic items, players can also earn love tokens, which can be traded for various rewards, including rare pets, mounts, love potions, and a variety of other rewards by participating in the Love is in the Air event. The Love is in the Air event is a great opportunity for players to score big and add some unique and rare items to their collections.

Embrace the Spirit of Love in Azeroth

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to World of Warcraft, the Love is in the Air event is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the spirit of love and friendship in Azeroth. So gather your friends, grab some buy WoW gold, and get ready to experience one of the most exciting and heart-warming events in the game.

Every year, the citizens of Azeroth celebrate the Love is in the Air festival, a heartwarming event filled with love and joy. During this time, players can embark on a journey to complete love-themed quests, collect unique rewards, and participate in the Grand Ballroom event. The festival is a perfect opportunity for players to experience the spirit of love and friendship in the World of Warcraft.

The Love is in the Air festival offers players the chance to explore new areas, interact with various NPCs, and complete romantic quests to earn festive rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this event provides a fun and engaging way to participate in the spirit of love in Azeroth. From acquiring new WoW mounts to obtaining special in-game items, the Love is in the Air festival is packed with exciting opportunities for players to get involved.

Final Thoughts

The Dragonflight Love is in the Air event in Azeroth is a perfect opportunity to embrace the spirit of love and celebrate with heart-warming quests and gifts. With the grand ballroom, love-filled celebration, and the exciting Love is in the Air quests, there’s something for everyone in Azeroth. So, whether you’re looking to earn some fantastic rewards or simply want to soak in the festive atmosphere, this event has it all. So, gather your friends and start celebrating the ultimate way to show your love in Azeroth today!

Don’t miss out on the Love is in the Air event in World of Warcraft! Get your buy WoW gold today and join the celebration in Azeroth. Embrace the spirit of love in the World of Warcraft.

Elden Ring Reaches 750,000 Players On Steam

Elden Ring Reaches 750,000 Players On Steam

Elden Ring has been a long time coming, but who would have thought that the hype would be this big?

It’s official: it’s in the papers. Elden Ring is FromSoft’s biggest and most hyped launch to date. The latest game from the iconic studio that brought us the Soulslike, Soulsborne, Soulbornkiro, whatever you’d like to call it, genre has attracted over 750,000 concurrent Steam players. There’s been a spate of negative user reviews generating thanks to its inconsistent PC performance; this success can be even seen in gaming marketplaces that specialize in selling game accounts and other types of services. Publisher Bandai Namco has yet to announce the game’s official launch sales, but we’ve seen massive success just from Steam alone, so it’s easy to assume that the numbers are above 1,000,000 at launch if the PC numbers alone are anything to go by.

Comparing Elden Dark to Other Dark Souls Games

On launch day, Elden Ring hit a peak concurrent player count on Steam of 764,835 players. When you compare that to Dark Souls 3 which had 129,975 players and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which had an all-time peak of 125,315 players, you can see just how huge these numbers are on PC. If we crunch the numbers, we can see that Elden Ring had nearly six times more concurrent players than Dark Souls 3’s highest ever peak. The player numbers will constantly change on Steam – no game sits at the top forever, after all.

Performance is A Big Issue

It’s not all good news for Elden Ring despite hitting such high numbers. The game has attracted a swathe of negative reviews on Steam thanks to its dubious performance on PC. Digital Foundry’s statement of Elden Ring’s performance being a mixed bag right now is putting it lightly, to say the least. Even with the 1.02 available to download now, PC users can see stutters of up to 250 milliseconds in length when new areas, effects, and enemies appear on the screen. At its worst, Elden Ring players experience “tumbling frame-time issues” that drop the frame rate from 60 to 40. A look at the Steam reviews shows that over 7,000 of them consist of negatives shows that these performance issues are not lost on PC players despite the patch update.

What’s All the Hype About Anyway?

A big part of the hype surrounding Elden Ring is the great track record that Hidetaka Miyazaki (the game’s director) and FromSoftware have had over the best decade. This has built a trusting relationship between fans of the games and the developers, as each new mechanic added to the game before its official launch was received positively.

Another reason why fans are hyped about Elden Ring even after its release is that it’s the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series due to its graphics, story, and overall medieval setting being the perfect fit for the franchise. Especially since the last FromSoftware title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was set in Sengoku Era Japan, players were itching for a more Gothic experience featuring magic and greatswords than samurais and katanas.

Lastly, the story is more intricate this time around, as fans will experience a mythos built from the ground up by George R. R. Martin, writer of the novels that the Game of Thrones series was based on.

Final Thoughts

Due to FromSoftware’s attempt at making the game accessible to as many computers as possible, they’ve essentially taken on a situation more difficult than if they were to just leave these PC players behind. Elden Ring is facing serious performance issues on PC to the point that they aren’t just minor inconveniences anymore, leading to a lot of players from that platform selling their game accounts on gaming marketplaces. Almost all GPUs – yes, even the super expensive ones – struggle when going outside into the beautiful horizon but run fine indoors. This is likely due to the game using DirectX 12, a software developed by Microsoft that has been known to produce fluctuations and aggressive stutters in modern games since it takes a different approach to memory management. Variable refresh rate technologies like FreeSync and G-Sync alleviate the issues to some degree, but that’s now how it should be as not everyone has access to those.

It remains to be seen what Bandai Namco does about this situation as the day-one patch didn’t address these issues one bit. This is even more strange if you consider that FromSoftware’s last two games, Sekiro and Dark Souls 3, had no problems across all platforms. In the meantime, there are still a lot of players actively grinding through Elden Ring, even if it currently faces a lot of problems.

OSRS – Preparing for The Gauntlet

OSRS – Preparing for The Gauntlet

Before you dive into The Gauntlet, you should get ready for what’s to come.

If you need a strategy for completing the Gauntlet boss fight, then you’ll want to prepare yourself for battle. You might be parting ways with your OSRS gold to get to where you need to be, but before you go looking for OSRS gold for sale, there are other preparations that you can make. We’ll be checking out the recommended skill levels, getting to the boss, and what to expect from it during the fight itself.


For starters, it isn’t just going to buy OSRS gold then speeding our way to the skill levels we need to be at. A requirement for taking on this challenge is having to finish Song of the Elves, which is the last quest in the Elf quest series.

As for your combat stats, you should make sure that the majority of them are at level 85 or higher. So get your attack, strength, defense, range, magic, and hitpoints up to at least 85. As for your prayer, it’s recommended that you have it up to at least 77. On the subject of prayer, it would be useful to you to have the Augury and Rigour prayers available. There’s also the Piety prayer that’s handy, which you need to have completed both King’s Ransom and Knight Waves Training Grounds. Rather than finding OSRS items for sale, you can get your cooking, fishing, mining, woodcutting, and farming skills high enough to gather resources really quickly.

Reaching The Gauntlet

We now need to get to the location of the fight. To start off with, use the eternal teleport crystal that will take you to Prifddinas. From here, go to the northwest to get to where the Gauntlet Portal is. Alternatively, you can travel to Prifddinas by charter ship, then head to the east and north to reach the portal that you need. There’s a Prifddinas teleport that will take you just south of the portal as well, or you can use a Spirit Tree to travel to the location.

The Boss Fight

In the fight itself, you’ll find that the boss is located in the middle of the room. This is divided into a 7×7 grid and is next to the room that you start in. The boss is known as the Crystalline Hunllef, which is a level 674 creature that has 600 hit points with it. You will need to beat this boss if you’re going to complete The Gauntlet in its entirety. After you do, you will find yourself in a location where you can claim your reward.

The Gauntlet Tactics

A popular method for completing this task is called the 5:1 technique. This is where you essentially get the boss’ protection prayer to switch so that you can make more of your time with DPS with the aid of tier 3 perfected crystal bow equipped. Use this for the first five attacks before switching to melee and magic. This will prevent the boss from using Protect from Missiles, meaning it is worth pursuing. To ensure that this works, you’ll need a bow and a staff with the attack styles all ready to use.

Another method alongside 5:1 is known as the redemption method. This will help to cut down any tick loss that you get from the boss battle courtesy of the Redemption prayer. To make sure that you can use this method, you need to use the relevant protection prayer to get the attack that is cast, then turn to Redemption prayer as the projectile is in flight. When it’s active, take a quick gulp of your potion then get your prayer ready. Keep in mind also that you’ll need up to eight paddlefish since you can’t rely on Redemption prayer in high-risk situations. When you do find yourself fishing for the raw paddlefish, take vials and get water from the fishing spots. Doing so will save you a few ticks towards the end, meaning that you can complete it faster.

It will be worth your time having enough OSRS GP to help prepare for this run. There are plenty of OSRS items for sale that can be used to good effect, especially when getting those levels up. If you are going to purchase gold, then there’s an element of precaution that you need to be taking.

It isn’t just a case of finding a source that can help you to get cheap OSRS gold. You will want to find the most trusted OSRS gold website as well. Keep an eye on their performance as a site seller, by taking a look at whether or not they offer customer service chat around the clock. This is usually a good indicator of legitimacy.

Have you completed The Gauntlet? Let us know in the comments below!

What to Expect in Fortnite Season 2: Chapter 8

What to Expect in Fortnite Season 2: Chapter 8

At long last, the alien invasion is finally over! That being said though, Fortnite’s island is full of…cubes? We always get a certain theme when it comes to starting with a new season, and this time, when Season 8 launched, it was simply called “Cubed”.

While we won’t get into the nitty-gritty of how the story is going so far because of its intricacy, the basic premise is that the cubes that were used to power the alien mothership that used to abduct players has now been set free, resulting in the cubes wreaking havoc on the island.

Besides that though, players can expect a combination of new weapons, locations, characters, and skins in the Fortnite Item Shop. Heck, there are even portals that transport players into a monster-filled realm. So just what can we expect in Season 2: Chapter 8 of Fortnite? Let’s find out.

The Season 8 Battle Pass: Same Old, Same Old

When talking about the Battle Pass in Fortnite, it’s pretty much the same thing every time. Veterans will be happy to know that the Season 8 Battle Pass will come at a familiar price point of 950 V-Bucks or approximately $10 for those that want to unlock all of the premium goodies. The free Battle Pass is available for everyone, but they won’t be able to get the more wanted items such as skins that aren’t available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

For those that want to skip the grind, they have the option to avail the premium track of the Battle Pass which costs 2,800 V-Bucks or approximately $25. This lets players skip 25 tiers in an instant, thereby granting them the ability to start their grind to tier 100 a quarter of the way through already.

The Season 8 Battle Pass will be coming with all sorts of unique items that players can collect. From villainous skins such as Carnage down to ultra-vibrant unicorns, there’s a lot to cover in terms of variety. Marvel characters have always popped in and out of Fortnite, so it’s no surprise to have Carnage in for the ride. There are also the likes of characters that are unique to the storyline in Fortnite such as Charlotte and Fabio Sparklemane. Exclusive content is given in abundance to Fortnite players this time for those that get the premium Battle Pass, and the best part of all this is that they can earn free V-Bucks along the way that’s enough to purchase the next season’s Battle Pass.

It’s like a neverending cycle of getting free Battle Passes after every season!

A New Element

Perhaps the biggest change that’s coming to Season 8 is that there’s a new element coming called “The Sideways”. Described as a “monster-filled reality” that’s “dark” and “malevolent”, it’s what’s being spread by the cubes that are now creating chaos within Fortnite’s island. Players will be able to access them by entering through portals. With the addition of monster NPCs called Cube Monsters, features will include low gravity and the inability to build anything. This will certainly impact the different island locations.

At the very least, there’s still some fun to be had with “The Sideways” in the form of new weapons. Players can craft and create superpowered “sideways” weapons in Season 8 by accumulating a new crafting component from those areas. These new materials are called Cube Monster Parts. Oh, and don’t forget, classic guns such as the harpoon gun and automatic sniper rifle will be making a comeback.

This Means War

With the fate of the island up to the players, it’s your job to protect it. Since Season 8 is all about an all-out war against the Cubes, support from far and wide is needed if players want to secure a future for their beloved island. Since there will be fellow Loopers (players that go in and out of the portals) across the island, you have the option to donate the Bars that you earn to certain construction sites where Turret Stations will be built.

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly a bizarre time for Fortnite players this time around. With Chapter 2: Season 8 all about fighting back against the Cubes, one would think that the alien invasion that we had in the last season was so much better. Sure they abducted players into their mothership, but they at least gave them enhancements that ultimately buffed them.

But hey, at least there are some cool exclusive skins in the Battle Pass that aren’t available in the Fortnite Item Shop!

What do you think of Chapter 2: Season 8 of Fortnite so far? Let us know down below.

How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online

How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is a worthy game with unique features. With 18 million lifetime players, It’s gaining popularity as a multi-platform MMORPG worldwide. Elder Scrolls Online has updated its content for the players. They also added quests and new provinces to explore since its launch in 2014. According to the sources, In the year 2020, 3 million new users registered. New players will participate in this magnificent game in the coming times.

It’s not the newest MMORPG available, but it’s one of the most exciting games you can play in 2021. It has a unique yearly chapter system. It enables the players to explore a large portion of Tamriel. The arrival of blackwood enhanced the new user experience and brought value to the content for solo players. Besides, it’s exclusively a one-time investment and presents its user admittance to dozens of new content. You can buy new cosmetics and accessories in the game using its currency.

ESO Market has a thriving economy. Just like in the real world, you need money to make the world go round, and it’s vital to learn how to earn Eso Gold in the game. You can’t follow any shortcuts. Only proven methods can help you get money in your pockets that’ll help you in the game. There are various means of earning money in Elder Scrolls Online. Some of the relatively accessible and easy ways are given below:


Being a freshman player, it is not extremely hard to make money in the game. It solely needs persistence and perseverance. No one starts the game being rich, but you can become wealthy. Crafting is an astounding feature available in Elder Scrolls Online. It empowers the players to earn money conveniently and quickly. A craftsman makes a lot of wealth because he is always in demand. Other players are always searching for crafters in zone chat to make armor, glyphs, and much more every hour. A master craftsman is given a bonus. Thus, he can afford to earn a nice living and even become wealthy. So, If you’re engrossed in crafting, spend your time polishing this skill, and it will help you collect ESO gold.


Like any other way, stealing is also a proven method to earn gold in Elder Scrolls Online. With the release of the Justice System, it becomes a more suitable way to sell or fence stolen items for a reasonable and handsome amount of gold. At the start, you cannot get enough money from quests. Stealing is a good way for you if you’re desperate about money. You’re allowed to steal everything you see. It may seem illegal and immoral, but everything is fair in battle. So, if you want to start a thrilling life of crime, there are tons of articles available for you to provide guidance.


Each quest is unique and has heaps of benefits. Fighter guild, Mages Guild, Dark Brotherhood, a Thieves Guild, and the undaunted guild are five powerful guilds. It is advisable to join all of these guilds. It will render you valuable skills. It also brings opportunities to enter regular guild quests. Undaunted guild requests you to defeat the boss by entering a delve or dungeon, whereas the fighter guild sends you to defeat three dolmens in specific regions of Tamriel. After this task, you will receive a key to unlock a chest. It contains a random amount of food, gold, or weapons. When you finish this quest regularly, you’ll become wealthy.


Joining Dungeons is another means of gaining money in Elder Scrolls Online. It is vital to reach level 10 in this game to join. A solo player can only perform in the public Dungeons. There always needed four players at least for exploring party dungeons. There are numerous quests in the game. You can only get the reward when you kill the main threat. Whenever you complete a Dungeon, it earns you money and loot. The repetition of dungeons is daunting and can earn extra money and points. It will give you all the expensive and worthy items that you missed in the first battle. When you live in the same area where you defeated your enemies, you can earn more loot, coins, experience, and gold because you’re already well aware of the past battle and will have no problem finding them.

Helping your friends

It is possible to play elder scrolls Online solo, but playing with friends or in a group that’s just starting up can benefit you. When you gain exposure to other players, it will become easy to participate and win group Dungeons. You can also use the ESO’s group finder feature, but it’s not an excellent way to take much time. Fighting battles and quests with friends help you become rich quickly as your dungeon’s scale is pushed up to the group leader’s level. It will enable you to fight group Dungeons even if you’re within level 5, and you can pick loot and gold. It’s also a fun way to help your friends get rich.


You can choose the appropriate one for yourself out of several ways of making money in the game. You need to be patient and consistent to get rich and make money in Elder Scrolls Online!

Top 5 Best FFXIV Classes

Top 5 Best FFXIV Classes

The Final Fantasy XIV is one of the famous MMORPGs on the current market, allowing players to collaborate with a large, vibrant world adorned with many common icons from the FFXIV series. FFXIV has a range of battle functions that the player can play. Even better, one player can play all the functions available in the game battle, rather than having to choose only one of them. Considering an MMORPG, a minority of players still playing FFXIV may prefer the single-player mode, sometimes, or maybe all the time. FFXIV Mount provides a wonderful opportunity for artists to show their skills Invisibles. Since the game offers a lot of amazing exclusive content for players to deepen, I come to mind a question: what are the best features to overcome the unique content.

Before reaching the best beginner classes in FFXIV, this is how the class system/works. Although your first option is among the eight “Basic Classes” That you’ll see on the character introduction screen, you need to understand that these are only the starting classes. Once they reach level 30, classes can ascend to their respective jobs. If you select Gladiator as your base class for Final Fantasy 14, the Paladin can switch to work after reaching level 30.

Speaking of options, you should understand that your first choice of category class and occupation is not always an option. After touching level 10, you can change your base class. It also means that you will start a path to a different job. Don’t worry about the value. Your progress in the recent last chapter is automatically saved, so you can go back and continue leveling the last chapter whenever you want.

Explanation of Roles in FFXIV

FFXIV has three major roles: Tank, DPS, and Healer. Each role has its specialties as well as a different set of skills to suit its formation. However, the player can take on the role of each class individually and is not limited to a particular class.

Tank: Protect your group, and the boss will need to focus primarily on duties.

Marauder, Gladiator, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker.

DPS: It focuses on producing damage and identifies locations and groups that cause the most damage. DPS is divided into three categories.

  1. Melee DPS: Samurai, Rogue, Lancer (Dragoon), Pugilist
  2. Physical DPS: Archer, Dancer, Machinist,
  3. Magical Ranged DPS: Arcanist, Thaumaturge, Red Mage, Blue Mage (Limited Job).

Healer: Use restorative magic and support to help their group and themselves.

Arcanist (Scholar), Conjurer, Astrologian

FFXIV 5 Best Classes

Picking a starting class in FFXIV can be tricky when you have no idea what you will do, but it is important to note that you can change it at any point in the game by assuming the assigned task. Here are the best classes of FFXIV

Lancer (Dragoon)

If you are curious about fast-paced combat with high mobility, the base class I recommend is the Lancer (Dragon). Lancer / Dragoon requires locations and combos to deal perfect maximum damage just like other melee DPS, but this role has a greater protective advantage with plate armor, as well as its speed and jumping attacks that it can weave between powerful melee attacks. Body. It is also one of the best DPS for eliminating mobs in a dungeon with extended AOE combos, making it the best Final Fantasy 14 class for anyone eager to harm.


Out of the two kinds of tanks classes for beginners, Gladiator / Paladin is good for an amateur player, specifically if you are uncharacteristic with the role. The class is very Capable of bending easily and offers help for beginners as management skills damage and many skills mitigation and protection, and you can protect and heal himself and members of his group in the heat of battle.

Conjurer (White Mage)

The white mage magnificence is the least stressed selected class. You would probably discover it a good deal less difficult to level up because the abilities you unlock and develop onward will become the most effective magician’s position extra easygoing for yourself. The White Mage arrives with individual and group-level healing, damage boosters, as well as powerful attacking techniques that are just as important as finishing tasks as saving your party alive. White Mage is a good spot to begin.

Arcanist (Summoner)

The Arcanist is the only essential to concentrate two jobs at arriving the level 30, Scholar or Summoner. That indicates that after arriving at this level with your character, both jobs will be automatically opened for you to pick from, and you will be able to level up simultaneously, no matter which one you pick. Arcanist spells also introduce early-learned enhancements, amazing features for supporting other players with their duties.

Dark Knight

When you get to Heavensward, Dark Knights are the guardians of justice who are enabled to hold and embody the dark in conflict. The Dark Knight’s mission is to write all the game’s functions, allowing a particular journey competent with the main story. The Dark Knight has the finest tank mitigation strategies and can present numerous global cooldown capabilities together along with his major capabilities.

Red Mage

Red Mage is one of the most varied jobs, as speakers can cause devastating damage to enemies. However, they also have the most strong healing spell compared to other DPS functions. They have a variation of powerful individual spells and AoE spells, making them capable of dealing with mobs and powerful bosses. Red Mages has a very simplified turn compared to other casters, which makes it easier to play.

Runescape 3 – How to Get Mining to 99/120

Runescape 3 – How to Get Mining to 99/120

Here’s what you need to do in order to get your Mining skill up to 99.

If you have been looking for ways to get your Mining skill up to 99 in Runescape, then we have you covered. You’re going to need a great pickaxe and an urn in preparation. These are the Runescape items that you should take with you if you’re going to get the most out of this technique. Skills are great ways to earn Runescape gold and experience, and Mining is up there with the past of them when used in the right way. So here’s how to level up your Mining skill.

Level 1-10

When you are in the first 10 levels, you’ll want to start out by mining either tin or copper. This will bag you at 5,000 experiences on an hourly basis. This is your best option at this early stage, and you can do so over at the Burthorpe mine. Alternatively, you can try the mining site to the southeast of Varrock or Lumbridge Swamp. It should only take you less than an hour to reach level 10, just make sure you don’t bother with clay and go for the best ore.

Level 11-20

Once at level 11, you can earn 15,000 XP per hour by going with iron ore. Go to the mining sites at south-west Varrock or south-west Lumbridge Swamp. Keep an eye on your stamina at this point, and make sure that you’re not going AFK. This will be detrimental to your experience, as will not use your urn so be sure that you are using it. You are going to see just how beneficial this is even at these early stages.

Level 21-30

 Go over to the Falador mining site, or the Barbarian Village site to mine coal rocks. You can also go to the southwest Lumbridge Swamp. Here you can expect to get around 25,000 XP per hour. So fill up your urns and head back to get your experience. Rinse and repeat the process and you will be at level 30 in no time.

Level 31-40

We’re moving onto other ores now. There are the Karmaja Volcano or south-west Varrock mining sites for this one. Go for mithril ore rocks and you will get around 40,000 experience every hour.

Level 41-50

The main ore for this stage is Adamantite. You can find this at south-east Varrock’s mining site, as well as the sites in Rimmingtone and the Anachronia western ruin mine. Luminite is also a good choice here, which you can locate on the Battlefield mining area, as well as the previously mentioned Anachronia mine and the Mining Guild resource dungeon. You can also check out the Dwarven mine for this too. Doing so will get you 45,000 XP per hour.

Level 51-60

You are going to need strength at this point as you are getting to where F2P training peaks. Here, runite ore rocks grant you 60,000 experiences every hour. Go to the Mining Guild, the Crandor mining site to the north, the Fight Arena and the southern Crandor site too.

Level 61-75

You’ll be able to earn 70,000 XP per hour mining either drakolith or orchalcite. The Mining Guild is where you will want to go, or at the Wilderness mining site to the south-west for orchalchite. For drakolith, you can go to the resource dungeon in the Mining Guild or Al Kharid, as well as the Heroes’ Guild and Karamja mining site.

Level 75-81

Going through the next six levels we will be focusing on either phasmatite or necrite. These aren’t amongst the RS3 discontinued items, they are in fact ore rocks that can earn you around 85,000 XP per hour. The latter is found in the Al Kharid mining site resource dungeon or the Uzer mining site, so whichever you want to go to. Otherwise, the phasmatite is in the Abandoned Mine, the Dwarven Mine, and to the south of Port Phasmatys. You can earn up to 85,000 experience per hour by doing this.

Level 82-89

Go to Abomination Cave, Jatizso Dungeon or Glacor Cave. Here you’ll be able to mine banite that will offer hourly rates of 110,000 XP. You can do this once you have finished the Ritual of Mahjarrat or Hero’s Welcome quests, as well as completing the Fremennik achievements too.

Level 90+

Finish the Plague’s End quest then go for corrupted ore by the Seren Stones. You could opt for light or dark Animica in the Lletya mining site. The former will net you around 180,000 experiences per hour. Once you’re at around 97, you can go to Alaea Crablets to get the sea salt they drop. Sell it for supplies to get RS3 gold and you’ll be ready to gear up and carry on.

Have you tried these Runescape mining methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

Top 5 Things You Need to Make Millions in GTA 5

Top 5 Things You Need to Make Millions in GTA 5

GTA 5’s online popularity is the cause why Microsoft and Sony have assured the fans to release a new version of it on the Xbox. It is one of the most anticipated releases of 2021. It is the only game millions of GTA fans crave due to its brilliant features, continuous updates, and dramatic role-playing scenes. GTA modded accounts provide different and interesting mods. After gaining so much popularity and attention from all gamers, it is still taking place in the heart and devices of three console generations. This game is the combination of GTA all the previous titles and addressed fab complaints.

Beyond the fun and adventure, there are plenty of ways to make money in the game. To make GTA Money in the game, the players must buy vehicles, weapons, clothes, and other things. The cost and amount of all these things have increased substantially since its release. Here is the list of things you should buy to make millions in GTA 5 online. It will make you better at playing the game and add more fun to it.

Kosatka submarine (Cayo Perico heist)

The Cayo Perico heist performs a pivotal part in making money in GTA 5 online. So all the players who’re beginners are required to collect the $2.2 million to buy a Kosatka submarine.

At the casino, players need to rush into the Music Locker and meet Miguel Madrazo. Then you’re allowed to purchase the Kosatka submarine. Then, from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, start an organization as a VIP or CEO. By going into your Kosatka, start the heist from the panning board. Gather Intel on the island. Complete prep missions and finally do the theft. The time of completion from starting the Intel to finishing the heist is about 45 minutes to one hour after a few times trying it. The potential profit for this is $1.5 million per hour.

It is profitable to do it solo while there is both the option of solo and private lobby. You can go through different videos and written guides online that can assist you in focusing on factors that are required for success. Make sure to start your heist 48 minutes after the previous one to get a 10% bonus and set on hard mode.

Bunker (Gunrunning)

Stealing supplies and buying supplies can make you millions in GTA 5, but it is only possible with using a bunker. The cost of this bunker is $1.2 million. But this purchase can be the best one for some players. It is more valuable than owning an Orbital Cannon. Because it is passive money-making and has excellent Research unlockables, you can operate this bunker by using a laptop that is placed inside it. Then you can go underground by going to the Disruption Logistics, refill supplies and sell stolen weapons. It can earn you the potential profit of $80K per hour while doing other stuff. You can buy and steal supplies by using bunkers. Still, it is preferable to purchase supplies because it is more time-effective. It can increase your passive income while making the active income from other methods. For selling missions, you require friends in case there are multiple vehicles.

Arcade (Diamond Casino heist)

Purchasing an arcade in GTA 5 online is not complicated. Hence, it is quite profitable as it can make you earn millions in the game. You need to do a meeting with Lester Crest in Mirror Park. Rush to the Fore Closures Mazebank to purchase an arcade. It will give you access to the plan’s details to rob Diamond casino as a VIP, CEO, or MC president. It’s a time-consuming activity, but once you own all the arcade machinery, it offers the best rewards as you can generate $400k per hour. After buying the arcade, completing mandatory missions, there are also prep missions you need to complete with your friends. Always try to achieve the mission with a fewer number of people. While attempting to escape, it is advisable to go into nearby tunnels to evade cops more efficiently.

Hanger (Air Freight Cargo)

Hanger is unquestionably the best one to own in GTA 5 online. The purpose of buying it is to store aircraft and allow you to get rich by smuggling. Even if the plane is not robust and valuable, it is still the best place to keep them safe. The minimum cost is $1.2 million, and it can be as expensive as $3.0 million. The hangers are pretty costly. So you need to be wise while buying one for yourself because it is not advisable to spend all your money purchasing the hanger. The potential profit of buying it is $150K per hour. There are types of cargo you can source. Still, it is advisable to stick to only one kind of cargo and make it medical, chemicals, or narcotics supplies. By executing so, you can take a 35% reward for selling the 25 crates and 75% on selling all 50 containers.

Grotto Italia Rsx (Multiple heists)

Being the second fastest car, it has 135 miles per hour speed and excellent acceleration of 0 to 60 in two seconds. That is insanely amazing. You can get this car for $3.4 million. You can get this money on motorsports. It’s a bonus point that you can unlock its trading price by doing the moody man missions; you can get this for 2.6 million. It is a vehicle you should own, even if you only do drag races. It can beat the fastest cars like Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 online. Owning high-speed vehicles allows the player to survive and outrun angry cops. It would be best if you were wise while choosing a car because these will help you when the stakes are too high.

The Bottom line

GTA 5 online has been the most popular game since its release. To make millions in GTA 5, you can purchase various kinds of vehicles, apartments, and warehouses, etc., and other things. All these entities will help you to escape from the cops and start up new businesses to make gta money.

Fortnite Best Friendzy and Rewards

Fortnite Best Friendzy and Rewards

There’s a Best Friendzy event in Fortnite, and it requires players to actually play with a friend. It’s not exactly great for folks that prefer going solo, but at least there’s free stuff.

Saddle up Fortnite players, because there’s a new event in town. The two-week Best Friendzy event rewards players with all sorts of in-game cosmetics for free. That’s right, players can now get their mitts on some cool new stuff without having to pay or purchase anything from the Fortnite Item Shop now! Ever since Season 7, Fortnite has been offering its players a wide variety of new content that they’ve been experimenting with. The best part is, it’s not exclusive to players who have the Battle Pass. A prime example would be the Imposters game mode that we all know is an Among Us rip-off at this point, and there’s the upcoming Island Games event as well. So just what can we expect for the Best Friendzy event? Let’s find out.

What is the Fortnite Best Friendzy?

The Best Friendzy event is a new time-limited reward system in Fortnite which requires players to team up with anyone on their friend’s list together to receive points. If you’re more of a solo player, it’s time to change things up if you’re looking to get the in-game cosmetic items, because they’ll only be available during the event and can’t be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop. Plus, getting a Victory Royale is so much better with friends!

Getting Started

To begin with, players have to visit the official Best Friendzy website and follow the instructions that will be provided to their Epic Games account. Once that’s over, Fortnite will be able to track their progression. After registering and logging into the Best Friendzy website, they’ll finally be able to earn the rewards. Their friends don’t need to register for you to see your progress together, but they have the option to track their progress. One thing to note about the status of one’s point progression is that players ought to expect a delay of about 30 minutes when it comes to updating their points on the website.

Point Progressions in Best Friendzy

A player’s point progression is based on the time that they’ve spent playing Fortnite together with a friend. For every 10 minutes that they have played together with a friend in the Battle Royale mode, they get to earn a point. For every 10 minutes that a player and their friend play together in the Creative mode, they also get a point, but they can only earn a maximum of 6 points per day in Fortnite’s Creative mode. As a bonus, Fortnite will be giving out 60 minutes worth of Daily Bonus wherein players will receive a 3x bonus for their time spent playing Fortnite. This means that for the next hour, players get to earn 3 points for every 10 minutes instead of just a single point.

Reaping the Rewards

Remember those points that have just been accumulating? Well, there’s a use for them! All of the points count towards the four new in-game items that players can redeem. The very best of the rewards have to be grinded for, unfortunately. But at the very least, they look pretty cool.

For just 3 points, players can get an Outer Space Handshake Emoticon that they can flex to other opponents or players in Battle Royale mode. Then there’s also the Invasion Remix Track which they can get for 10 points if they’re looking to turn things up in the music aspect. Players weren’t too keen on Wraps before, but they slowly warmed up to the idea of using it for their weapons. The Life’s a Beach Wrap which can be purchased for 20 points is the perfect cosmetic Wrap to sum up how life has been for some gamers over the last couple of years. And finally, there’s the Aquari-Axe Pickaxe which looks like it’s made out of Jello. That one is the most expensive out of the four free items that players get, amounting to a whopping 50 points.

Final Thoughts

For those who are interested in getting the free cosmetic items that can’t be found in the Fortnite Item Shop, the rewards will only be available from August 31 to September 12, so act quickly! Players have to make sure that they play with friends that are actually part of their friend’s list and to make the most out of their 60 minutes worth of Daily Bonus if they’re looking to gun the Aquari-Axe Pickaxe. What do you think of the Best Friendzy event? Are you thinking of partnering up with a buddy to get the rewards? Let us know down below.