League of Legends is Here to Stay

League of Legends is Here to Stay

League of Legends (LoL), is an MOBA similar to DOTA but different. LoL is easier to learn and more accessible. Plus, it’s not as punishing as DOTA. Also, there are new heroes in the game that have more of a generic-feeling than the heroes in DOTA. With a larger hero pool, a rotating free hero system allows players to cycle through all the heroes without paying. The wait time is about a one month or so to cycle through all of them. You can use a hero that isn’t free by paying for them to get unlocked (it depends on whether you like a challenge or prefer a consecutive match).

The Significance of LoL Items

LoL items (the way it’s usually understood) is purely situational, and they don’t carry over to the next rounds of LoL. Players can earn gold that can be spent to buy items to boost a champion. As the game progresses, you can upgrade items. However, the items are only accessible until the game ends. When a new game starts, for example, the item used or gold that was earned in the last game doesn’t carry over. Those tradable items become Riot points (an in-game currency to buy hero skins and champions).

Do you want a champion that’s locked? Buy them with Riot points. Don’t like how they look? Buy skins and/or chroma to change how your heroes look with a unique scheme. In fact, you can even change the character’s voice. Ward skins are available for purchase if you prefer having an unconventional appearance. There are bundles you can only buy with Riot Points, which provide a set of champions, skins, and runes. Boosts can be bought to increase how much Summoner Exp or Influence Points players gain.

The question is, “What’s the point of having more Summoner Exp or Influence Points?” Well, Summoner Exp unlocks Rune slots as you gather more. However, it also decreases the number of Influence Points that allow players to buy champions that haven’t been unlocked. Keep in mind that you’ll need more IP when Riot Points are used. You can also buy individual Runes with IP, which cannot be done with RP. In contrast, you can’t buy bundles or ward skins with IP.

LoL Account: Enjoy the Perks

There are two ways to get an account: (1) create an account on the official website, or (2) buy League of Legends accounts from gamers. Dealing with players provides an advantage since you won’t start from scratch. Whatever the owner(s) have unlocked (champions or skins), you’ll receive. The account’s Summoner Exp will also carry over, so there are more Rune slots and/or pages. Any unspent RP or IP carries over.

Consider that some sites and sellers who provide accounts aren’t honest. Be careful from where you buy items or accounts. On the other hand, there is one reliable network with legitimate sellers: PlayerAuctions. We are the safest and easiest player to player network to buy, sell, and trade accounts. Grab some LoL items and take your game to another level with a LoL account. Dominate the league!

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